IMUREGEN Nucleotide for aging joints and muscles for seniors


Role of IMUREGEN as a supplement for aging joints and muscles for senior elderly

Protein is an important ingredient in helping the body cope with daily cell tissue repair. Most seniors fail to meet the required daily allowance for red meat because a lot think that meat is bad. The problem is greater among vegans and young children subjected to a daily diet without meat. Red meat is a perfect source of nucleotide. Although egg proteins will always be the gold standard of protein.

Nucleotides are ubiquitous compounds in the cells of all living organisms and play a critical role in many biological processes. Found in all cells and the nuclei, they are formed after the cleavage of nucleic acids. They are the building blocks of nucleic acids DNA and RNA, which are bearers of heredity. They are also part of many important enzymes necessary for nutrition and energy metabolism, according to a leading Czech Immunologist, Dr. Petr Sima, Ph.D.

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Importance of nucleotides for the aging body

  • Slows down aging.
  • Supports readiness of immunity.
  • Supports treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Accelerates recovery.
  • Energy and joint, muscle support.

Nucleotides in elderly nutrition

A healthy diet is a varied mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins, mineral substances and many other substances (flavonoids, probiotics, prebiotics). However, foods are always present also nucleic acids DNA and RNA, the carrier of the gene in cell nuclei, which are also part of important enzymes.

Nucleotides are crucial for tissue repair, especially in an aging organism. On one single cell dividing them consumes a billion numbers of nucleotide molecules (Nukleotidy). However, there is an increasing demand for nucleotides during the immune response when cells are injured or divided vigorously.

Nucleotide aids strength for an aging population

The total volume of the diet of many elderly decreases to 20%. Thus, they need to supplement the nucleotide nutrition in the form of dietary supplements although eating meat would be most beneficial. Due to the weakened immune function of senior elderly, they are more susceptible to infectious diseases and slow healing.

The World Health Organization

Dietary supplements containing nucleotides correspond to the objectives and nutritional recommendations of the World Health Organization. These are included in the “Nutrition for Health in
the 21st Century” aimed at reducing infectious, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, and improving the quality of life in old age.

According to the World Health Organization, there is an estimated 600 million elderly population in 2000 that will exceed more than a billion in 2025. It will be a tough challenge, especially for health insurance. A program promoting the values of active aging is being introduced by the Czech Republic. It is focused on health buy promoting a fitness program for the elderly. Nucleotide food supplement IMUREGEN is popular in this country, thus its use is being promoted as well, together with other nucleotide brands.

Joint and muscle nutrition

Nucleotide is recommended for any post-surgery that requires cell recover and repair. In addition, it helps improve immune function. It is also known to increase energy levels, and most importantly assist the body in healing and maintaining muscle tissue. Nucleotides are the chemical building blocks for nucleic acids.

Some nucleic acids that you may be familiar with our DNA and RNA. Our bodies rely on these nucleic acids for oxygen transport that facilitates the recovery of muscles and related joints. Nucleotides are also known to help promote lean body-mass by optimizing the muscle-to-fat ratio through protein synthesis.

Nucleotides have even been known to increase HDL (good) cholesterol. As a supplement, it can also have a positive impact on gut intestinal health that promotes good digestion and blocks the activities of yeast. The elderly will benefit greatly because vitamins and nutrients are absorbed in an optimum phase when taking nucleotide. (Invite Health)

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For complete reference for this material, please visit Nukleotidy. The white paper is authored by a renowned immunologist, Dr.. Petr Sima, Ph.D. He worked since 1967 at the Institute of Microbiology ASCR. In addition, he worked in the Bay of Kotor in Yugoslavia at the Institute for Research on marine animals, Basel Institute for Immunology in as well as a specialist haematologistimmunologist at the University Hospital in Angola Luanda. Dr. Sima is a member of Czech and international scientific societies.


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