Nucleotide for aging joints and muscles for seniors

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Excerpt Study on IMUREGEN Final Report

Three months of study was conducted on 30 seniors. 15 individuals were given a placebo, and the other half with IMUREGEN.

SOURCE: Book of Clinical Studies.

clinical studies for senior rheumatic chart

Graph 1.: Rheumatic factor before and after supplementing of seniors

supplementation of imuregen for old people

Summary Results

The evaluation of the results is that individuals with supplement and without supplement were very difficult, mainly because of the age heterogenesis of the group. Often, there were pronounced changes at entry check-up, which often signal serious illness.

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Despite this, we have noticed a significant influence in the inflammation markers, where we have proved a decrease in values C-reactive protein from 75 to 43 mg/l (P=0,01).

In connection with this, we have found improvement of values of complement’s components – mainly C3, there was an increase from 96 to 123 mg (p=0,001).

Important is also increase of value of pre-albumin from 0,221 mg/l to 233 mg/l, primarily for the reason of it’s decrease in the control from 0,219 to 0,174 mg/l (p=0,047).

It shows significant improvement in nutritional state. After 3 months of supplementation, a significant decrease (p=0,0039) compared to the control group (graph 1.).

It corresponds with a significant decrease in circulating immune complexes’ values, while in the control group, an increase in values occurred.

Improvement in the quality of immune response even after short-term supplementation is documented by an increase in mean values of natural antibodies (“xenoaglutinin”), which didn’t show any change in the control group. [SOURCE: Book of Clinical Studies]

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