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probiotics war

Best Probiotic supplement at Costco and Walmart, which works best?

A quick history of probiotic Pharmaceutical companies spend billions to come up with new drugs and...
cancer tea

Nasty tasting food that cancer patient should eat

4 Bad tasting food that cancer patient should eat 1. Fresh Wheatgrass Fresh wheatgrass seem tedious to...
sugar fats

Should you unfriend sugar and say hello to fat?

Unfriend sugar - burn fat with fat We've been told we all have dormant cancer cells...
alkaline tablet

Alkaline Capsule Supplement – Does it work?

Do you really need Alkaline supplement When our body is in an "alkaline state," it means...
protein war

Battle of the proteins: Eggs vs Meat

Adult or kids need protein. It is important in rebuilding damaged or sick cells and...
signalling molecules

ASEA Redox Supplement Honest Review

ASEA Redox Signaling Water Molecules Supplement Review ASEA Redox Supplement claims that by taking at least...
margarine plastic

Butter vs. Margarine Rumors and facts

Butter & Margarine 101 Butter is a product made by churning cream or milk to separate...
ionized water purified

Is Velaqua Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier any Good?

Velaqua Alkaline Ionizer Review Velaqua is a countertop Alkaline water filtration system that uses geology (stones)...
laminine immune

Independent Review on LifePharm Immune+++ Ingredients

LifePharm Immune+++ Mushroom Blend Complex Ingredients Review LifePharm Immune Plus is a Vitamin C complex that...
shake weight loss

Independent review on Isagenix Shake Meal Replacement

Independent review on Isagenix Shake Meal Replacement Isagenix is a meal replacement shake that claims encourage...
wormwood side effects

Sweet wormwood plant review and side effects

A daily diet of Sweet Wormwood in your salad keeps cancer cells away Tossing Sweet Wormwood...

Kangen Water Independent Review

Sorry, this page is currently unavailable The water is named Kangen and that actually has a...


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Testimonials Review is an independent review of leading food supplement products such as LifePharm’s Laminine, 4Life’s Transfer Factor, Lamiderm, and AminoBoosters. We are also expanding our review to include popular herbal plants with healing abilities, and other home remedy health solutions that can be helpful to our body.