Who is Dr. Josef Richter and Dr. Petr Šíma

Dr. Petr Šíma

Dr. Sima was an important co-researcher of Dr. Richter in completing the independent clinical research done on IMUREGEN. His skills and expertise include nutritional immunology, quercetin, lymphocytes research, works on the phylogeny of immunity, and anti-aging medicine. Born December 23, 1942, in Prague, he had his Czech education at the Institute of Microbiology at the Charles University. He is considered one of a few leading immunologists in Europe.

Employment history:
1965-1967 Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Genetics, CSAS, Liběchov
1967-1972 Department of Immunology, Institute of Microbiology, CSAS, Prague
1972-1972 Marine Animals Research Institute, Boka Kotorska, Monte Negro
1972-1975 Ph.D. student, Department of Immunology, Institute of Microbiology, CSAS, Prague
1975-1981 Postdoctoral research associate, Department of Immunology, Institute of Microbiology, CSAS, Prague
1987-1988 Specialist in immunology, Amerigo Boavida University Hospital, Luanda, Angola
1982-1990 Research Scientist, Chairman of the Research Project of CSAS, Department of Immunology, Institute of Microbiology, CSAS, Prague
Research Scientist, Department of Immunology and Gnotobiology
Institute of Microbiology, CAS, Prague, CR
Author, co-author of 19 Grant Projects;
Author of 4 Monographies on Evolutionary Immunology
Written more than 200 scientific articles

Dr. Sima became the research scientist at the Department of Immunology and Gnotobiology, Institute of Microbiology, CAS in Prague. He authored at least 15 major publication on nucleotide and immunology that includes the following:
– Anti-mutagenic and immunomodulatory properties of quercetin glycosides
– Evolutionary Paradox of Immunity
– Nutritional immunology
– Heavy metal accumulation by willow clones in short-time hydroponics
– Picea abies (L.) Karst.) embryogenic tissue to penicillin, carbapenem and aminoglycoside antibiotics
– Nucleotide and their role in health and disease
– Protective drinks at the workplace
– Neuroimmunomodulatory role of ergot alkaloids in antitumor immune mechanisms
– Stimulatory effects of Eisenia foetida coelomic fluid on the proliferation of mouse spleen lymphoid cells
– Comparison of the proliferative activity of lymphoid spleen cells and antibody response.
– Ontogenic development of lymphoid cells with T characteristics.
– Cytochalasin B-induced changes in concanavalin A-activated lymphocytes
– Immunoglobulin receptors on lymphocytes in fetuses and germ-free piglets
– Induction of the primary response, preparation of the secondary response, and tolerance
Source: Research Gate

Teaching experience:
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University, Prague, CR
Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Pilsen, CR
West-Bohemian University, Pilsen, CR
Palacky University, Olomouc, CR
Masaryk´s University, Brno, CR

Medical Society and Memberships:
The Czech Society for Biology
The Czech Society for Immunology
The International Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology
The International Study Group on New Antimicrobial Strategies.

Awards: 1988 The J. E. Purkinje Award for Development of Biological Sciences

Specialization: “Immunomodulation by nutritional factors, induction, dynamics, and neuroendocrine modulation of cellular and humoral immune response, comparative and evolutionary immunology”

Dr. Josef Richter

Dr. Richter is a leading Czech scientist for many years specializing in Immunology and Oncology. Now retired, he is still an advisor and consultant for The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. He was the director of the prestigious Institute of Health in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. He and the institute represented the Czech Republic in The World Health Organisation (WHO). He also kept a private office until recently for the most prominent Czech citizens, politicians actors, etc, including former president of The Czech Republic Mr. Vaclav Havel.

In 2001 Dr.Richter was chosen by The Ministry of Health to conduct a very comprehensive study under the program name: Protective and immunomodulatory influence of supplementing RNA, comparing of clinical testing and experimental model. He was free to choose his own assistants/participants. He selected the most prominent and experienced Czech doctors/scientists.

Dr. Petr Šíma, CSc. BÚ Academy of Sciences Prague
Dr. Ivan Pfeifer, CSc. Charles University Prague

Special Assistance:
Dr. Vlastimil Král, CSc.;
Dr. Dalibor Jílek, CSc.;
Ing. Ivana Stiborová;
Dr. Stanislava Richterová;
Jitka Pešková;
Mgr. Lucie Dobiášová, Health Institute Ústí nad Labem
Dr. Dagmar Slížová, Institute of Anatomy LFUK
Hradec Králové

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