What is Imuregen ImunPLUS

ImunPLUS is an effervescent tablet that provides important vitamins and minerals that are lost in sweat, making it perfect for all athletes. ImunPLUS also serves as the perfect drink during summer months and at sporting events. ImunPLUS tables provide important vitamins and minerals that are lost during a workout of excessive sweating

Like all of our product, ImunPLUS carries all the benefits of IMUREGEN FORMULA in an effervescent tablet.

Healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are important to help improve the quality of life and also affect the vital functions of individuals, such as. Strengthen immunity, restful sleep, et al. Dietary supplements used to add important nutrients in the case of deficits that can not be offset diet but they are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Dietary supplements provide important nutrients during deficits but are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet since taking other forms of supplements such as Vitamin C blends are essential. Healthy nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle are very important for the body.

imuregen imunplus

Who needs it?

This healthy drink is originally intended for those who maintain a very active lifestyle. This includes athletes, gym enthusiasts, those who are always exposed to the sun, and people who generally work in an environment that needs immediate relief from minerals lost in sweat.

A glass of IMUREGEN ImunPLUS immediately provides the lost vitamins and minerals lost in sweat. It’s an ideal drink during sports or outdoor activities during the summer months. It will immediately energize and provide body cells active nutrition that will allow you to keep going.

Drink IMUREGEN ImunPLUS for:
1. Boosts children’s immunity.
2. Replenishes lost water during outdoor activity.
3. Promotes restful sleep.

Benefits of imunPLUS

ImunPLUS Tablets are a very easy way to protect the body, increase immune system functions and regenerate cells. All you do is drop one tablet into 500 ml of water and drink it. It tastes great, is refreshing and comes in 5 flavors. Like all of our products, imunPLUS carries all the benefits of IMUREGEN in an effervescent tablet.

ImunPLUS improves quality of life by affecting individual functions such as enhancing immunity and promoting deep restorative sleep.

It has been clinically tested to support infants, children, young, old, healthy, sick and athletes. The clinical studies have shown that there are “Significant” benefits for all groups that were tested.


Content: 20 effervescent tablets in 5 natural flavoring

ImunPlus Flavors
Black currant
Raspberry & grapefruit
Green tea & lemon
Orange & lemon
Tropical fruit

Suggested Dosage

Adults: 1-3 tablets a day
Children from 3 years: 1-2 tablets a day
The drink is prepared by dissolving one tablet in 500 ml water.
Energy value: 38.44 kJ per 1 tablet

Imuregen Independent Review
Frequently Asked Questions on Imuregen

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