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Imuregen Supplement Independent Review

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IMUREGEN Nucleotides Supplement Review

Brief History

IMUREGEN is owned and manufactured by UniRegen from the Czech Republic. A Pharmacist from Prague invented it. Immunologists Dr. D. Rakus in the 1930s. Dr. Rakús, together with Dr. B. Dolezal, did several experiments, mostly done in their homes.

Eventually, the release of the first commercially available supplement – Juvenil, was followed by more advanced ingredients produced by enzymatic disintegration of beef blood, which was sold under competing and various names such as Juwi, Juwík, Animex, Servisin, Fortisin, Preventan, and Fromin (Imuregen capsule).

→ Imuregen clinical study

After the death of Dr. Rakús, Bedřich Doležel continued his quest and development of the product, which was then called differently. The rights to sell the product was first given to a company called Jednota Hronov.

Then it was sold to a small family run business that sold feed products. In 1995, UNIREGEN Ltd. was established and reintroduced the rebranded product called IMUREGEN. The Health Care Ministry approved the product in 1998.

The company UniRegen that produces IMUREGEN, also competitors that make their own nucleotide supplement like the brand Retisin, Lyastin, Ovosan. IMUREGEN was marketed in the US years ago but was unsuccessful.

In 2014, the franchise was given to a company in the Philippines, Forever Healthy Products, Inc. (FHP), and in 2018, IMUREGEN was redistributed and sold in the USA.

Company Information

Na Brzdách 72, 547 01 Náchod, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 491 428 124

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is based on independent research from existing video/s, the internet, and other materials. These have not collaborated with the persons or company involved.

Product Description

Imuregen bottle

IMUREGEN Capsule and Liquid claim several health benefits through its complex dietary nucleotides, peptides, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Since it is sold through Multi-Level Marketing, several resellers propagate extraordinary claims such as “healing abilities in the DNA level.” Their powerful marketing strategy is helping the product gain attention worldwide, but can IMUREGEN make such claims?

IMUREGEN is advertised as a supplement for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, asthma, cancer. It also claims it can protect against bacterial and viral infections with antiseptic effect, acting on the endocrine glands, the regulator energy system.

Other claims include regulating immunoregulatory functions. If the claim is true, it can help with memory improvement, mobility, employability, progress, allergies, wound healing, and liver function. (Source: Sysyfos, Zpravodaj 2006)

Contents, Ingredients, and Use

IMUREGEN contains amino acids, minerals, salts, vitamins, and iron. It is made through an autoenzymatic decomposition of bovine blood (cow blood). Simple nucleotides from the blood extracted, and the proteins are dried and packed in caplets. Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids, DNA, and RNA. We take in nucleotides in our bodies each time we eat meat.

Product Variation: Caplet and Liquid

A nucleotide is a simple and common substance we can eat every day. It contains amino acids, minerals and salts, vitamins, and iron found in beef meat proteins or even caviar. (Petr Sima co-author of IMUREGEN final report)

Preparation or Dosage

The general dosage recommended for children and adults is from 1 caplet to as much as 15 caplets per day for patients with diseases. For therapeutic care, children are to be given at least three caplets or 1 tsp of IMUREGEN in liquid form.

Years in the market

IMUREGEN, labeled as Juvenil, was introduced in the 1950s. It was modified when development in the extraction and use of bovine blood extracts was improved. Actual data is not available on the manufacturer’s official website on how it evolved from the 1950s.

It would be safe to assume that the product has been around for more than 20 years, mainly distributed in the Czech Republic and Europe.

How the product is sold & distributed

IMUREGEN Capsule and Liquid are sold as retail online in its native Czech Republic. It was introduced in the USA in 2010 and sold in online health stores labeled ‘ReGen.’

The unsuccessful venture between the owners and the USA counterpart paved the way for a new global distributor for the product.

Forever Healthy Product (FHP), a company based in the Philippines, was given the rights to sell the product using the Multi-Level Marketing or MLM sales model.


During the nuclear leak in Chernobyl, many became fatally ill because of radiation exposure. Patients had “unhealable” burns and wounds.

IMUREGEN was given to some of the patients and was said to have recovered after taking this nucleotides supplement. Nucleotides that comes in several brands (like IMUREGEN) has the following benefits:

Immune system

Nucleotides have essential effects on the growth and development of cells, which have a rapid turnover, such as those in the immune system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Dietary nucleotide improves markers of the immune response to strenuous exercise in a cold environment. Nucleotides help gut mucosal defense, which is also part of the immune system.

Gut integrity

Nucleotides enhance intestinal repair after injury (alcohol, gluten, casein, among others). Dietary nucleotides enhance the intestinal absorption of iron.

It encourages the healing of small bowel ulcers in experimental ulcerative ileitis. They also help in the prevention and treatment of the injurious effects of NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen)

Enhances Learning

In rats, dietary nucleotides increase phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, DHA, and arachidonic acid in the cerebral cortex. These rats were found to have enhanced learning. Nucleotides supplementation is recommended for malnutrition children.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic disorder affecting an estimated 15 – 22% of western populations. Animal work shows that villi height and crypt depth in the intestine is increased as a result of dietary nucleotides.

Dietary nucleotide supplementation improves some of the symptoms of irritable bowel above the baseline and placebo level. A similar effect is seen in aiding IBS through a more effective supplement called Laminine.

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The gastrointestinal tract epithelium plays an important role not only in digestion and absorption of nutrients but also in antigen and pathogen signal translocation toward the gut-associated lymphoid tissue. Malnutrition, in various degrees, is recognized as the most common cause of the immune system dysfunction.

Research done in the past several years has revealed that dietary nucleotides (dNT) represent an essential compound of nutrition because of their importance in metabolic pathways, energetic processes, and nucleic acid synthesis during tissue renewal.

Much evidence accumulated suggests that dNT are essential for the growth and maturation of the gut epithelia. In previous experiments, we have documented immunoregulative properties of dNT-containing extracts.

In this study, Balb/c female mice were fed (1) standard diet, (2) dNT-supplemented diet, and (3) dNT-supplemented water for four weeks. The supplement in a dose of 100 mg/kg/l comprised the original extract (Imuregen, Uniregen Ltd., Náchod, Czech Republic).

The highest growth of intestinal villi was observed in the group administered dNT-supplemented water. We have found no pathological changes in intestinal epithelium in any experimental group.

Reference: Stimulation of ileal epithelium growth and regeneration by dietary nucleotide extracts.


The claims of IMUREGEN to regenerate the villi appear to be valid. When a sick person has a gut failure, it will be challenging to administer nutritional supplements or even medicine to help the body recover.

Thus, people with “broken gut” eventually dies. Taking probiotics or dietary protein supplements like IMUREGEN is beneficial.

Imuregen would not be unique in accomplishing this task as other supplements can replicate the effect.

Working on DNA level is overemphasized

RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are chemicals called nucleotides made by the body. They are essential in a developing body, such as in infants or a malnourished child or adult.

Our body makes nucleotides, and taking this supplement is another way to supplement the red meat diet. All dietary protein supplements work well in and from within the DNA level.

IMUREGEN is not an exception, but a brand from many other brands of nucleotides available over the counter.

Side effects of overdosing nucleotides supplement

Pituitary Glands

Our body always makes nucleotides. They are components of DNA and RNA, and starving the body reduces the nucleotides our body produces. Likewise, too many nucleotides can negatively affect the pituitary glands resulting in unintended side effects.

IMUREGEN that comes from beef blood has the nature of iodine. The pituitary glands can become overexcited. Overdosing is not recommended.

Uric acid

Nucleotide supplements can come from yeast or animal ingredients that are high in purine. Individuals taking too much are at risk of gout. Taking nucleic acids increases your dietary intake of uric acid, said Dr. Ed Blonz.


IMUREGEN is a simple nucleotide intended to be the bearer of action, as well as protein fractions. Its ingredients that comprise of bovine (beef) blood, the peptides and amino acids, sugars, fats, minerals extracted from it are beneficial, but so is eating meat-rich in nucleotides or any other amino-based dietary supplements.

The company’s buzzword “DNA” is overemphasized. They use it as a marketing catchphrase. Consumers may assume IMUREGEN is a cure for nearly all types of body anomalies or perhaps fix gene-related dysfunctions – no dietary supplement can do that.

Alternative Nucleotide Supplements

Nucleotides are simple proteins that are available in other brands and with equal nutritional benefits. Any protein supplements (either coming from beef blood, egg extracts, or others) have amino acid and all work on the DNA/RNA level. IMUREGEN is a legitimate product, but some of its claims are exaggerated.


  1. How will I know the IMUREGEN I ORDER IS NOT FAKE? What distinguish the real from fake just by looking at pkg(bottled caplets) color and reading the description on the bottle?
    Is this safe for people like me with a new transplanted kidney and will not conflict with my IMMUNO-SUPPRESSNT medicine drugs I’m taking for the rest of my life to protect the new kidney? I’m Diabetic anyway with controlled hypertension…

    • Imuregen is a food supplement. When taking food supplement, always consult your doctors before taking them. Imuregen’s competitive edge is the blend of Nucleotides + Oligopeptides + 17 Amino Acids. There are studies both on the ingredients and the products by third parties. Google search and do some research. I, myself, can’t live without it because I feel the difference when I don’t take the product. I hope you will too.

  2. What is the adverse effect of this vitamins? It cannot contribute of having infirtility for those women wants to get pregnant?


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