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Laminine Independent & Honest Review

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Independent review on Laminine Food Supplement

Company Information

LPGN, the manufacturer of Laminine supplement, began selling the product in 2011. The company has been involved in other food and health supplements, distributed in Indonesia and subsequently the USA. The parent company’s headquarter is in California.

laminine review
Laminine Food Supplement 30’s Capsule 2016

Product Description

Laminine is an egg extract in white powder form encapsulated in an opaque capsule. It is less than an inch in length and sold like vitamins online, but with no physical store.

Marketed as a health supplement, it is basically a protein compound that is promoted as an anti-aging and anti-stress product.

Although the company’s extended marketing plan claims other health benefits such as regulating blood sugar, cholesterol, immunodeficiency, and cancer.

However, white papers on these are limited. Testimonies across the web have made this product popular though most of the claims are difficult to verify.

Packaging of Laminine

Laminine is in powder form, encapsulated in an opaque capsule. It is less than an inch in length and small enough to be swallowed by children and adults.

In the USA and the rest of Europe, it is packed in a bottle of 30s or Big Bottle 120s. In Asia, it is available in blister packs of 15s, contained in a hexagonal clamshell box.

In 2020, a new Laminine logo and packaging was introduced to all countries where it is officially distributed.

1. Bottle 30’s
Weight – .62 grams
Weight with delivery box – Approximately 26 grams.

2. Blister pack
Weight – .62 grams
Weight with clamshell & box – Approximately 30 grams.

The hexagon-shaped box acts as its clamshell. It’s very light and appears to be properly packed with a holographic seal. The back label differs in some countries.


Laminine’s proprietary formula is OPT9. A blend of the following ingredients:
Fertilized Avian Egg Extract – 316 mg
Marine Protein – 266 mg
Phyto-Protein – 24 mg

Other Ingredients (for the capsule):
Magnesium Stearate*
Silicon Dioxide*
Vegetable Gelatin

How to take Laminine

Taken as a food supplement, the right Laminine dosage depends on a person’s height, weight, and health condition. The recommended quantity is at least 2 capsules per day.

It can be taken during, before, or after a meal. Likewise, it can be taken on an empty stomach. There is no overdosing, according to the manufacturer.

Special condition

However, for those with a serious health condition such as cancer, liver problems, nerve issues, or immune or autoimmune diseases, overdosing up to 6 to 9 capsules per day is suggested.

Except for kidney problems, extreme caution is advised when taking Laminine for the first few weeks. The initial take may increase creatine levels as a side effect of ingesting protein.

Additionally, the direction for use as a dietary supplement for an adult is one capsule daily. 

Those who are too young to swallow or have difficulties can remove the powdered extract from the capsule, and it actually tastes good when we tested it with kids.

The powder extract can be eaten or mixed with milk or any dish except acidic food. The powder tastes like eggs without any aftertaste.

Product Variation

Laminine Food Supplement to date has only one variant, Laminine OMEGA+++. The content of OPT9 that contains Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) is said to be smaller in quantity to give way for three additional ingredients.

Both function the same way regarding cell repair, but the Laminine OMEGA variant was formulated for people with heart, bone, and cholesterol problems.

Years in the market

Although introduced almost a decade ago, several websites point out the discovery of the egg extract to a Canadian Doctor, John Ralston Davidson who published his research in 1929.

According to a TV documentary by CTV Toronto, the research rested for decades and was in danger of being forgotten.

YTE by Amino Boosters, Immitec, and Berg Imports

In 2006, a new generation egg extract was marketed and labeled as Young Tissue Extract or YTE. It was manufactured by Immitec Norge AS in Norway.

However, distribution and rights no longer belonged to this company, and in 2017, Immitec appears to have partnered with Berg Imports LCC, a US-based company, to sell YTE. This was an earlier version of Laminine YTE.

How the product is sold & distributed

Laminine is sold online through a website that LPGN provides its resellers. LPGN prohibits selling the product on eBay or Amazon. It is only available online through authorized distributors.

In Asian countries, the product can be bought through an authorized business center.


US & Canada – US$43 per bottle, US$33 for members. Other countries like the UK and Australia follow the same pricing as the USA with an average 10% increment.

Laminine Philippines has the highest increment at 40%, priced at US$64 per bottle/box, US$52 for members.

Awards and Citation

Laminine was cited on the following organizations:
● American Health Journal
● CTV Toronto (Indirect)
● American Antiaging Society
● Physician’s Desk Reference

In 2020, LifePharm became the first epigenetic company to receive the Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection— known as the “Nobel Prize for food” in Europe—for LAMIDERM APEX.

Known Side Effects

At least one user said it caused rashes on her skin, which can be attributed to an egg allergy. At least two users said their allergic rhinitis came back after taking Laminine, the one that still continued taking the product eventually said the rhinitis went away after about 90 days.

At least one user said he experienced herxheimer reaction and the suggested overdose for kidney patient can cause dizziness as initial side effects, aside from the creatinine shooting up, which was said to be normal. If you have CKD, we would not recommend more than one capsule per week if for the first 3 to 6 weeks.


The bioactive peptides in Laminine stimulate the dormant stem cells to utilize the Phyto amino acids and marine protein to repair damaged aged cells. It contains Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF that signals cells to repair itself, using amino acids as its materials. FGF is contained in the egg extract or PESE (Photo Embryonic Stage Extract).

Drying the proto-embryonic fluid before the peptides are “used up” to build organs and bones, allows us to provide this building, repairing, maintenance mechanism of perfectly balanced amino acids, peptides and growth factors to humans. Cell and molecular components of animals and humans are similar in nature.

Key Points of FGF

  • It is responsible for signaling cell restoration, repair, & rejuvenation.
  • FGFs are key players in the proliferation and differentiation of cells and tissues.

Rebuttal on claims and benefits

FGF by itself is an amazing and important compound. However, the claim of Laminine that it has FGF can be deceiving in a sense that it needs substantiation as FGF is a family of cell-signaling proteins that are involved in a wide variety of processes. There are other supplements that claim to have pure FGF, which is not to say it is more effective than an FGF compound (peptides) like Laminine or YTE.

Clinical research on this material is widespread and appears to support the claims of Laminine with regards to cellular activities. However, white papers from the manufacturer should be available from scientific journals, other than the American Health Journal. Although the PDR reference on Laminine appears legitimate and without bias, a wider set of studies will significantly prove it really works.

Some distributors exaggerate the claim

Other things to consider is the marketing hype of any products available online. Since it’s being sold by resellers and individual distributors, they can easily say and publish claims which may not be clinically supported. A clear example is how Laminine is said to provide healing effects on several sicknesses. Listed below are the most mentioned condition that both sellers and users claim it can heal:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Back pain
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure
  • Muscle pain
  • Wound

Despite the reputation of PDR, a caveat on Laminine that say “subject groups were extremely small” is a take away to not believe every bit of positive reference to this product, especially by resellers. Moreso, the disclaimer means that differences in test results could not be clearly evaluated.

Laminine is not for types all sickness

Given that some sellers exaggerate claims, it is easier to say it does have positive effects on some illness but not all, as others claim. Based on an independent survey we conducted, these are significant claims that were relayed to us:

Alzheimer’s: No – There is no valid testimony that can be verified to support the claim. Alzheimer is degenerative, there are no known drugs that can revert to this condition.

Arthritis: No – We have not talked to or found anyone who claims their Arthritis disappeared. There were two testimonies from Doctors and at least one user who said his Laminine did not help alleviate the pain from osteoarthritis, but not cure it.

Autism: Yes and No – We have found testimonies on autism who claims that their children’s autism symptoms improved. However, the mom is very careful in saying it worked completely.

Back pain: Maybe – We have found five testimonies on back pain, one of which was first-hand testimony of a 48 years old male who had on and off back pain for more than 5 years. He said in a weeks time of taking Laminine, and improvements started to happen until eventually, the back pain never came back for the last two years.

Cancer: True – We have communicated with at five customers who had cancer ranging from stage 1 to 3. Some of the ingredients in Laminine are traditionally known to affect cancer cells. However, the strongest testimony is from Dr. John Ralston Davidson’s TV documentary.

Immune disease: Maybe – Laminine does not claim it can help patients infected with HIV/AIDS. However, there are other blogs and testimonies that mention the supports of Laminine that helps patients cope with their infection. Laminine may work to maintain the health of a person with the virus but in limited ways. It will be wrong to say it really works for this type of condition.

Although there are verifiable testimonies on fibromyalgia and lupus, the sample size is too small to confirm it can really work.

Chronic Kidney Failure: Maybe – Laminine is popular among patients with chronic kidney problems. Most of the people who take it have high creatinine levels, which is supposed to help lower it. However, we have read a few posts that it did the opposite by raising creatinine levels for a short period, though. Laminine is also protein in itself.

Diabetes: Maybe – Laminine claims a white paper on regulating blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, although the research is promising, the participants are too small to measure.

Wound: True – There are studies and verifiable evidence to show Laminine does promote rapid wound healing. You can read highlights of the research here.

Joint Pain: Recently, LifePharm launched a new marketing strategy that focused on Laminine’s joint pain (osteoarthritis) benefit. Initially, the company launched the product as anti-stress and anti-aging, but because of recent studies on telomere, they have added the claim. However, the research used was based on a small sample and cross-examination with other clinical studies is limited.

Overall recommendation

Users and demographics

Recommended at any age. It can be taken by children but not recommended for babies where allergy to egg may not yet be known. Heavily recommended for older people, especially those who are sick or is recovering from post-operation or sickness. Not recommended to replace medication, but some patients claim they have altogether given up their maintenance for Diabetes, a few from Kidney problems, and very few from cholesterol maintenance.

Negative comments or customer complaints

1. More expensive compared to USA & Canada.
2. Has hidden charge of US$20 membership, after signing up.
3. Some countries do not permit you to buy one bottle.
4. Delivery delays.
5. Does not work as an immune booster as some website claims.
6. Instead of being sleepy as it claims, the person was awake the whole night.
7. Effect too slow for me, forced to spend more for faster results.
8. Some studies are old.

Bottom line: Does it really work?

Doctor Recommended: Yes, it is recommended by at least 10 Doctors we got in touched with. Though some remain a skeptic.

Awards or Citation: None, but is cited by a few medical organizations.

Affordability: Most customers we asked found it expensive. Although they have a bulk discount and regular Laminine promo on their website.

Availability: Available in 40+ countries.


    • According to the website of LifePharm, it used to have the money back guarantee, but the offer can’t be found in their website anymore.


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