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NeVetica Pet Supplement Review

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NéVetica was introduced as early as 2017 with the announcement that the company will formally launch in 2018, but there was a push back on the final date.

The company’s product is a first of its kind, venturing into a new pet care industry, significantly for dogs and cats. Their promise of better nutrition using a phone app seems to be a gainer.

Unfortunately, it appears that as of 2019, they have not completely figured out a working marketing plan, backend glitches, and product development.

They also claim a state of the art NEVETICA App and an online website, but as geeky as one can get, their state of the art mobile app is yet to be seen.

One stop shop for all your pet’s needs?

Well, NEVETICA does have a lot of initial products ready to roll out, but it’s still limited and wouldn’t exactly be a one-stop-shop for pet care… or at least not yet.

NEVETICA Product Line 2019

Dental Chew
Water Additive
No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo
Anti-Itch Formula
Calming Support
Shampoo & Conditioner
Training Pads
Skin & Coat

NEVETICA Product Testimonials

We’d love to make a review of these products, but it’s not out there yet.


  1. Hello! You should do another review. The company as many do pushed back the launch and went through a few things but as promised… the CEO put everything into getting the company off of the ground. Distributors who understood business and had patience have more than gained their ROI. If you are looking for something negative… well, thats pretty sad. If you are looking to see if we launched and are selling 15 AMAZING products that work.. Well Distributors have sold $3,500 in 2 month and the testimonials are pouring in. Take Care!


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