Does LifePharm’s Lamiderm APEX Serum work?

lamiderm apex skin serum

Combination of leaf extracts and applied FibroBlast Growth Factor

Lamiderm APEX Skin Serum is marketed as the perfect anti-aging combination. It obviously merits two major ingredients, which are the seven Swiss Alpine plant extracts and FibroBlast Growth Factor or FAEE that the company claims has through its Fertilized Avian Egg Extract or FAEE, also known as Young Tissue Extract or YTE.

Swiss Alpine leaf extracts

These natural leaves extracts are known to protect the skin and maintain its natural composition. Studies* have shown that this ingredient lightens the skin by 15% in 12 weeks. It also reduces the color of dark spots by 54% in 12 weeks as LifePharm claims.

From independent studies, these Alpine leaves extracts are perhaps the latest fad that is used to market fresher skin maintenance products. Although there have been discoveries that it has the ability to lighten the skin, it still depends on the skin type of the person, if it will work or not. However, the leaf extract list is currently not documented by LifePharm.

lamiderm clinical study 1lamiderm clinical study 1

Fertilized Avian Egg Extract Applied Components

1. LOX (Lysyl Oxidase)
It is a natural enzyme that the human skin has but is also found in LifePharm’s proprietary egg extract. Rich in protein nutrients, it lengthens and strengthens the skin fibers – Lysyl Oxidase. This enzyme is plentiful in a youthful skin and helps to link small collagen fibers to longer, stronger fibers.

2. Growth factors: PDGF and TGF1-ß
These growth factors stimulate collagen, elastin and fibronectin fibers in human skin cells.

3. Elastin and Collagen Production
The FibroBlast Growth Factor applied in Lamiderm boosts the production of elastin and collagen by up to 250 percent.

Fertilized Avian Egg Extract was made famous by LifePharm is actually an old discovery. It is also known as YTE or Young Tissue Extract which is basically a protein that does have positive effects but as to having FibroBlast Growth Factor needs a proper source to validate if it does contain FGF. This ingredient (FGF) do have well-documented effects on cellular repair, which naturally includes all types of skin. FGF has been proven through several white papers that it can work to restore skin to its natural order.

Compelling studies but not fully documented:

1. Lighten skin by 15% in 12 weeks
2. Reduce color of dark spots by 54% in 12 weeks
3. Boosts the production of fibronectin by up to 350 percent after 3 days

The claims of Lamiderm are actually outstanding. However, actual clinical test results or white papers are not published. We can only rely on limited data that is said to be based from the University of Toronto with Human Skin Cell Cultures.

Furthermore, Lamiderm Skin Serum does not have enough user testimonials or maybe not yet, as the product is very fresh in the market.

* Source: Lamiderm with Laminine Review



    • Lamiderm is currently on a pre-order basis. LifePharm have yet to formally launch the product this 2017. However, you can buy Lamiderm APEX in certain countries in Asia, like Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.


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