Can you Trust LifePharm Products and do they really work?

Quick Review on LifePharm and LPGN Products


LifePharm manufactures the product Laminine. It is sold as a healthy vitamin-like supplement that promotes reduced physical and mental stress, improved mental focus, better sleep, and energy. It is similar to how Serovital HGH works but with different components.

Laminine is sold through several independent distributors. Some exaggerate its benefits and claim it can cure psoriasis and aid Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, and cancer.

Active Ingredients:

Fertilized Avian Egg Extract or FAEE


The fertilized egg extract is a growing industry that started with its rediscovery by a Norwegian egg expert. He partnered with a company that commercially produced the powdered egg capsule and labeled it YTE or Young Tissue Extract.

LifePharm claims that they have a better way of extracting the YTE labeled as Fertilized Avian Egg Extract or FAEE. Regardless of which is better, this ingredient is worth noting. Numerous studies point to its homeostatic properties by way of activating dormant stem cells in the body.


LifePharm’s egg extract is more expensive compared to other pure fertilized avian egg sources. The company justifies its exorbitant price by incorporating the product with other ingredients such as shark cartilage, marine plants, and yellow pea.

More importantly, they claim a unique way of extracting YTE and the scientific development involved in creating it, hence the steep price.

However, in truth, Laminine is sold through Laminine MLM. Products sold using this structure usually have higher prices compared to those sold traditionally.

Although there may be differences between YTE and FAEE, if you are taking this product for non-medical concerns, it will be better for you to take other egg extract products at half the price.

However, egg protein powder is not always the same as YTE or FAEE. Taking ordinary egg powder is like eating eggs for breakfast, having no medicinal effects.

To date, there are only two reputable sources of the extract, which are LPGN from the USA and Immitec from Norway, which produces YTE for other brands.

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  1. This product change my health for good. I got uric acid problem, inflammation of my shoulder joint, depression and anxiety, All of it is gone in a three months. I was using 2 times a day 3 capsules each time, so total 6 capsules per day, On top of it I was taking 2 times per day Omega +++ and 1 time per day Immune+++. My shoulder pain when I went to bad went down immediately after first dose of 3 capsules from 10 to 2. Tremendous difference!!! I never was thinking about my tumb pain (I couldn’t even make a signature I got such pain doing that). I got also bad pain in my toe and after month and a half I got surprised. No more pain. OMG! My hemoroids are also gone after using the products for 8 months.
    I noticed that my mood changed just after a couple of days. I couldn’t believe! I love you LAMININE!!!


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