Can you Trust LifePharm Products and do they really work?



● Boosts immune health and fights off bacteria and infections

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin C, mushrooms blend (Reishi, Maitake, Turkey Tail), Antioxidant Blend (Camu Camu, Ashwagandha, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate)


Laminine Immune Plus is the most convenient way to take these mushrooms and antioxidant blends, which are usually bought separately.

It is also difficult to source, and a big company such as LifePharm will likely deliver high-quality ingredients for this type of product.


To insinuate that it will work for your immune system may be false advertising. Although the ingredients used, particularly vitamin C does support the immune health, one capsule will not be enough to have an impact. Unfortunately, neither can you take too much of it.

Therefore, it will be better for you to take a generic priced vitamin C available on most supermarket shelves. You can do away with the mushroom blend as the percentage ingredient is insignificant nonetheless.

The antioxidant can be taken fresh by eating excellent fruit and vegetables. A person doesn’t need to take the hype of antioxidant supplements. It’s available daily by just eating the right food.

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  1. This product change my health for good. I got uric acid problem, inflammation of my shoulder joint, depression and anxiety, All of it is gone in a three months. I was using 2 times a day 3 capsules each time, so total 6 capsules per day, On top of it I was taking 2 times per day Omega +++ and 1 time per day Immune+++. My shoulder pain when I went to bad went down immediately after first dose of 3 capsules from 10 to 2. Tremendous difference!!! I never was thinking about my tumb pain (I couldn’t even make a signature I got such pain doing that). I got also bad pain in my toe and after month and a half I got surprised. No more pain. OMG! My hemoroids are also gone after using the products for 8 months.
    I noticed that my mood changed just after a couple of days. I couldn’t believe! I love you LAMININE!!!


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