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● It balances cholesterol levels and improves circulation through the body.
● Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.
● Anti-inflammatory effect.

Active Ingredients:

Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (has a lower amount compared to original), omega fatty acids 3, 6, 9, vitamin K, and CoQ10.


Omega Fatty Acids is undoubtedly a good supplement for people who have heart-related diseases and are not able to eat food rich in this. Likewise, a good source of Vitamin K or CoQ10 may be hard to include in your daily diet, and the best way is to take it as a supplement.

Natto or fermented soybeans traditionally known for its health benefit tastes bitter and has a stinky smell. It will be better to just take Laminine OMEGA plus if you are not used to this Japanese delicacy.


Expensive. You can get a much lower-priced quality omega fatty acid elsewhere like brands sold at Costco, as well as cheaper Vitamin K or CoQ10 products.

The Fertilized Avian Egg Extract in OMEGA is also lower, thus may have little effects. Usually, the need to take a larger dose of Laminine is recommended.

Thus, it really is just a supplement to the “Laminine supplement.” Taken alone (without Laminine original) may not give you the desired result of activating the stem cells in the body.

However, there are certain conditions, such as bone decompression, where Vitamin K helps speed bone repair.

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  1. This product change my health for good. I got uric acid problem, inflammation of my shoulder joint, depression and anxiety, All of it is gone in a three months. I was using 2 times a day 3 capsules each time, so total 6 capsules per day, On top of it I was taking 2 times per day Omega +++ and 1 time per day Immune+++. My shoulder pain when I went to bad went down immediately after first dose of 3 capsules from 10 to 2. Tremendous difference!!! I never was thinking about my tumb pain (I couldn’t even make a signature I got such pain doing that). I got also bad pain in my toe and after month and a half I got surprised. No more pain. OMG! My hemoroids are also gone after using the products for 8 months.
    I noticed that my mood changed just after a couple of days. I couldn’t believe! I love you LAMININE!!!


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