Compare Berg YTE, Immitec, Amino Booster, Stemfit Active, and other egg extracts

Do all YTE work the same?

Amazing brain power of egg tissue extract

Research shows the tremendous benefit of taking YTE dietary supplements. A study showed heightened mental acuity, reduces cortisol levels (mental stress), and repairs aging cells. The brainpower of egg extract is ideal for all ages.

DHEA is one component in keeping the brain healthy, especially for developing brains. It is abundant but dissipates as we age. FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) in YTE stimulates DHEA production, delaying the brain’s degenerative processes.

In 2006, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland discovered that young tissue egg extract has positive effects on depression, sexual functions, mental acuity, and cell repair, which all contribute when DHEA is stimulated.

The result showed YTE promotes mental acuity and better brain function.[Young Tissue Extract]

Technically, a first generation YTE

In 1929, Dr. John Ralston Davidson, a doctor in Canada, discovered a way to extract “egg tissue extract” and use its powdered form as a food supplement to his cancer patients.

Second generation YTE

By the 1990s, Norwegian egg researcher Dr. Bjodne Eskeland did several experiments to prove this theory. He teamed up with Nils Christian Mortensen, who had access to equipment to do further research.

In 2006, Dr. Eskeland published his research, named the powdered extract “Young Tissue Extract” or YTE.

Third generation YTE

In 2011, a company sourced YTE from Mortensen, who then produced the YTE in Norway. The company apparently had difficulty sourcing the YTE and teamed up with Eskeland.

Together, they came out with what can be referred to as the third generation of partially incubated egg extract, which they called Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE), the core ingredient of Laminine.

The egg extract industry in 2020

Since then, other companies joined the egg extract bandwagon. In 2015, a group of friends from Australia introduced Amino Boosters. The company, Get your boom back, initially sourced their YTE from Mortensen’s company Immitic.

In 2017, Berg Imports LLC signed an exclusive agreement with Immitec Norge AS to relocate production of YTE┬« to the United States, and a new YTE brand was launched – YTE+.

yte norway
Generic egg extract
better laminine
OPT9 Blend by LGPN
yte norway
YTE by Immitec

better aminoboosters
YTE Amino Boosters
yte+ berg import
YTE+ by Berg Imports
doctor best
Other egg extract

Which one of these really works?


Dr. Bjodne Eskeland formulated the Young Tissue Extract (YTE), introduced in 2006.


The FAEE Formula in 2012 with Dr. Eskeland and LPGN produced high quality and superior egg extract labeled as FAEE.


Other brands that claim they have either YTE or generic egg extract.

Major egg extract producers in the world

The United States has two major egg extract producers that use partially incubated eggs: LifePharm and Berg. Other companies that produce generic egg extract comes from Germany and China.

Eskeland, founder of YTE supported that “the egg quality and chemical composition of the egg has been my major research topic for many years. I know that egg composition is very constant even if produced in the USA or Norway“.

Generally, all these egg extracts have positive effects on the brain, blood sugar and can replicate certain molecules’ stem cell ability for cell tissue health.

More importantly, the claim on Laminine is supported by white papers published by the American Health Journal, Physician’s Desk Reference or PDR, and The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As to which is the best egg extract is clear.

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