Imuregen: Side Effects & Complaints

Imuregen Side Effects & Complaints

Generally, protein-based food supplements like IMUREGEN, 4Life, or Laminine have no side-effects, unless the person taking them has a protein allergy.

To date, there are no severe side-effects or complaints against the product IMUREGEN that we have seen across the web. However, taking too much nucleotide protein, in general, may have the following side effects.

Do not overdose

Adverse side effects resulting from taking any nucleotide supplement, such as IMUREGEN, have not surfaced. However, taking an overdose of the nucleotide can overexcite the thyroid, causing harmful side effects.

Lose bowel

Like most protein and amino acid-based supplements, a sudden surge of nucleotide in a body may result in a loose bowel movement.

We have confirmed this side effect from a few direct users. Although it may eventually dissipate, caution is advised. A similar side effect was also observed with protein supplement Laminine.

Pituitary Glands

Our body always makes nucleotides. They are components of DNA and RNA, and starving the body reduces the nucleotides our body produces. Likewise, too many nucleotides can negatively affect the pituitary glands resulting in unintended side effects.

IMUREGEN comes from beef blood; therefore, it has the nature of iodine. The pituitary glands can become overexcited. Overdosing is not recommended.

Uric acid

Nucleotide supplements can come from yeast or animal ingredients that are high in purine. Individuals taking too much are at risk of gout.

Taking nucleic acids increases your dietary intake of uric acid, said Dr. Ed Blonz.

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