Does Laminine really work?

How to know between fake or real claims of supplements like Laminine and if it really works

Hundreds of food supplements today claim many things and say the same thing, that it works! Few things you should consider when buying health product supplements like Lifepharm’s Laminine.

1. Check for company background

Checking both online and government bureau, Laminine is a legitimate country based in California, USA. They have been operating as LifePharm Global Network since 2011.

It is a private company with annual revenue between 25 to 50 Million. Their company size is anywhere from 51 to 200 employees. [Glassdoor 2017]

2. FDA Regulation & Ingredients

Lifepharm’s Laminine is FDA-approved, and its proprietary formula called OPT9 is a blend of the following ingredients:

  • Fertilized Avian Egg Extract – 316 mg
  • Marine Protein – 266 mg
  • Phyto-Protein – 24 mg

3. Background check for an independent review of Laminine

Laminine to date has two major independent reports, one supports, and the other one bashes it. While dozens of other sites say it works, it is good to know and research who’s telling the truth.

● Pro-Laminine website that has a robust, comprehensive take on the product. You can read here a quick review of this product.
● Laminine basher that says Laminine is a big hoax, lie, and marketing stunt.

4. Testimonies and side effects

It’s easy and practically cheap to claim and record testimony and post it on youtube to lure unsuspecting customers into buying the product.

Based on our background research, Laminine does have legitimate testimonies available through YouTube, product seller’s reviews, and a few phone calls we did.

However, it is important to note that some, if not most, of these testimonies may be exaggerated, given that some also sell LifePharm products.

Laminine has existed for a few years, but there are dozens of good and bad claims about the product. Laminine side effects have also been reported.

5. Are there fake Laminine bottles?

As of 2020, there are no reports anywhere of fake Laminine. If ever there was, China would produce it, which is a fair assumption.

However, what Chinese manufacturers have are YTE brands that mimic Laminine but are not the same. These brand products are like eating eggs for breakfast.

If we learned anything important, it was that shipping and handling the product is essential. For example, Laminine should not be shelved at a particular temperature to retain its potency.

Laminine sold on Amazon, Shopee, or other online retailers are from individual resellers. The company has no jurisdiction as to how it was handled. In fact, LifePharm does not allow sellers to do this.

The 30-day guarantee is not applicable unless you buy Laminine from authorized dealers.

6. New Laminine Logo & Packaging

In September 2020, LPGN relaunched the brand Laminine with a new logo. From the upper and lowercase font, it became all-black and all-capitalized.

The box was changed as well. From a hexagon box to a simple and sleep compact package. However, it retained its trademark arrow-cornered shape.

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