YTE Side Effects

Are there any side effects of taking pure Young Tissue Extract?

Some of the YTE or Young Tissue Extract brands that are in the market today are YTE® and AminoBoosters. They both use pure YTE® ingredient, which is a highly absorbable bio-available source of amino acids.

Except for Laminine, which contains a third-generation tissue extract, YTE by Immitec and AminoBoosters has only one ingredient, formulated by Bjodne Eskeland, father of YTE.

Nasty-tasting food that is cancer-fighting.

Known Side Effects of YTE

Egg extract products may cause specific side effects. For example, it may cause dizziness or loose bowel movement. This side effect is part of the detoxification effect of the person taking it who has severe disease or infection in the body.

Overall, the benefits of the egg extract outweigh the reported side effects, which are typically minor in nature.

Some customers also experience sleepiness for a few days, which is a known natural effect when cortisol levels (stress hormones) decrease rapidly.

According to a few users who may have had an egg allergy, the egg extract has also been known to cause minor skin rashes and allergic rhinitis.

The side effects are temporary. Avoid the product if you are allergic to eggs.

The Story of YTE®

YTE is extracted from a partially incubated hen egg. It was first discovered in 1929 by a Doctor from Canada, John Davidson. The extract is an important ingredient that allows for an incredible growth spurt that causes a tripling of the egg’s embryo. Dr. Davidson’s study helped cure his patients of cancer.

Compare YTE brands.

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  1. This article is so factually incorrect it’s laughable. Almost everything you’ve written is wrong. To get accurate, honest information, go to and click on the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) link at the top of the page. Or engage with the livechat help.

    You are obviously simply flogging the MLM Laminine, which doesn’t contain ANY active PESE product any more but does contain unhealthy ingredients like shark cartilage.


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