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IMUREGEN Liquid & Capsule

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IMUREGEN Liquid & Capsule

IMUREGEN in capsule (caplets) or liquid form is a complex dietary nucleotide, peptides, essential amino acids, and vitamins. It will recharge your life energy through its complex dietary nucleotide, peptides, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients are the unique tool to support our body’s immune system and regeneration.

It helps to unlock your body’s full potential, making you feel younger and stronger. When all the systems in the body are performing optimally, it works like a fine tuned machine. You’re able to fight diseases and reduce recovery time. Imuregen enhances overall performance mentally and physically.

Both Liquid and Capsule have the same formula. The capsule (caplets) are recommended for anyone who can swallow a pill. The liquid is recommended for those who cannot swallow a pill or prefers an immediate effect. There are no difference in terms of effect, both will deliver the same promise.

What will it do for my body?

IMUREGEN will naturally helps you to increase your biological activity and strengthen your body’s immune defenses and encourage intestinal integrity that is linked to the immune system. The ability to use macronutrients is essential for the generation and maintenance of a protective effector immune response.

Who needs it?

• Those who have increased mental and physical strain
• Convalescence after various illnesses and injuries
• Acute or chronic debilitation
• To strengthen defense during flu and cold
• Athletes and people with physically or mentally demanding job
• All who are exposed to polluted environment
• Individuals with weakened immune systems and allergies
• Anyone who wants to strengthen your body


When the body doesn’t naturally produce sufficient amounts of nucleic acid, it has to work harder to keep you healthy and fight off diseases. Studies found the best method increase longevity is through DNA and RNA supplementation. Imuregen delivers the essential building blocks needed to create the DNA and RNA. Recharge your life energy!



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