Laminine & Laminine OMEGA+++ Supplement Clinical Studies Review

Laminine lay claims on the following, through an independent clinical study they supposed to have sponsored. However, the original research papers are not published and are not readily available to support the claims of Laminine. White papers on these studies are not accessible on the internet and are based on papers published by LifePharm Global Network who owns and distributes the product Laminine. However, clinical and experimental studies were published in that stipulates scientific merits and general review on the product’s claims.

Laminine’s original formula uses YTE or Young Tissue Extract that was patented in 1994. YTE was founded by Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, a Norwegian scientist and egg research expert. In 2006, he published a summary of the claims of Young Tissue Extract. Laminine contains the second generation YTE referred to as Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, to which Dr. Eskeland also formulated for LPGN in 2012.

Claims based on a summary published by in 2014

● Laminine on Wound Healing Activity
● Laminine on Cortisol (Stress hormone) Study
● Laminine on Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Claims based on Dr. Eskeland’s summary report in 2006

● Effects on libido & depression
● Effects on Stress (Anti-stress)
● Effects on muscle repair
● Effects on hormones
● Effects on wound healing

Laminine on Wound Healing Activity

Reason to believe

The body posses a natural ability or scheme to heal wounds. However, the larger or more severe the size of the wound, the more it takes time to heal which gives an opportunity for other elements to disrupt or stop the process. It is only mitigated when help comes in form of medicine or in this case, protein supplement.

Therefore the question is can protein help heal the wound faster than its normal course? Well yes, since the body is made up of proteins, it needs the same ingredient to heal itself but cannot do so without the help of other properties such as zinc, vitamin C and signaling molecules to tell the proteins to go where they’re supposed to. This role is mainly taken by the existing adult stem cells in the body.

Laminine’s core ingredient is referred to as YTE or Young Tissue Extract. Although it no longer sources the proprietary YTE from a previous supplier, their own version known as Fertilized Avidan Egg Extract has similar nature, form, and function with that of YTE.

In a 1997 study on YTE, wound bursting pressure was found to be significantly higher in subjects receiving the peptide diets than in those just receiving amino acid diets. Other mechanisms suggested by the authors for the increased wound healing with peptide versus nonpeptide diets include stimulation of collagen synthesis, increased blood flow to the wound, free radical scavenging, and generation of cytokine profiles which better support wound healing.

Laminine on Cortisol (Stress hormone) Study

Reason to believe

The stress hormone cortisol is good for the body but too much can destroy it. According to a study done by the company and published in, 28 participants took part in the study. The study claims that participants’ cortisol levels were reduced by an average of 23.7 percent, 16 started on a higher intake of Laminine—four capsules, twice a day—and 12 started on one capsule twice per day.

Although the study did not mention if it affects a person who is depressed or having anhedonia, an increase in dopamine (when cortisol is regulated), may help people suffering from depression.

The study was for 12 days and although the results were very positive, it remains inconclusive because the number of participants and days of trials is still few compared to other “Open-label Trial” that has an average of 60 to 100 participants, administered at least 30 days.

Reason to doubt

To claim that it can balance or level high cortisol levels may be true to some extent but as to consistency remains a doubt, given the number of days it was done.

Laminine on Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Studies

Reason to believe

A study conducted by the company combined Laminine (original OPT Blend formula) and their variant, Laminine OMEGA+++. There were 15 individuals in the study, broken into three groups of five. This was a double-blind placebo-controlled study that took place over a total period of 12 weeks.

The objective is to prove that the combination of both Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ can lower cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), high-density lipoproteins (HDL), triglycerides and blood pressure.

The study had two phases. The first was eight weeks and included Groups A, B, and C. Participants took a total of four supplements a day—two in the morning and two in the evening. The second phase included participants from Group A that took an additional four weeks. During phase 2, participants in Group A consumed eight supplements a day—four in the morning and four in the evening.

During the first phase of the study, results showed that the average cholesterol drop in Group B was about 9.8 percent, compared to 11.5 percent in Group C. Meanwhile, cholesterol levels in Group A actually increased by 1.0 percent over the first eight weeks but dropped by 12 percent between weeks eight and 12. Results for LDL and triglycerides generally followed a similar pattern.

On Triglyceride levels

Triglyceride levels in Group A dropped by 267 mg/dl or 58.2 percent during Phase II, the most substantial change throughout the duration of the study. However, participants in Group C experienced the best and most consistent overall results. HDL levels were within normal limits both at the beginning and end of the study for all participants. For individuals that do have high triglycerides, taking high dosage resulted in improvement says their customer review.

laminine clinical trial table
Table shows the summary of the clinical trial, with few participants

Did it work to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels?

Based on the this data, we can assume that Laminine OMEGA+++ helps to lower cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride and blood pressure levels (Group B), but when taken with Laminine, the decreases are more significant as a whole (Group C after Phase I and Group A after Phase II).

Although participants in Group A took double the Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ during Phase II, results were not drastic enough to recommend doubling the suggested usage for Laminine OMEGA+++ for all individuals. The decrease in LDL was not significant in Group A during Phase II as compared to Group C during Phase I.

side effects of clinical study table
Data shown are based on survey and does not have any scientific data

Side effects of the study

Although the trial was focused on cholesterol, participants were also asked to indicate if there were any effects or improvements on their joints, Memory, Skin, Sexual Drive, Muscle Tone and strength, stress, sleep emotional well-being.

Of the five subjects in Group A, only four chose to be a part of the survey. After Phase II, the average improvement in all categories was about 5.75 on a scale of 0-10, with zero representing no change and 10 representing a significant improvement. These are subjective results but nonetheless notable.

However, this form part of a survey and should not be deemed as a clinical study as there are no scientific data to support the claim. At the most, these can be seen as placebo effects or generally ruled out as a positive side effect when a person suffers from protein deficiency, where amino acids greatly help.

Reason to doubt

The claim of LifePharm Global Network that it can help lower both cholesterol and triglyceride levels on a person taking both Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ is quite new in the health supplement industry. It is difficult to ascertain the result because the complete study is not available. We are only relying on what was seen as positive.

The number of days for the trials is also short and may prove inconclusive unless the number of participants can be increased or doubled at the very least. Nevertheless, the effect was clearly illustrated but as sustainability or if it can apply to everyone remains to be seen.

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