Effect of IMUREGEN nucleotide in stomach lining villi growth

Diet enriched by Nucleotides supports growth and regeneration soft membrane of intestines

BACKGROUND: What is Ileum and why is it important?

SOURCE: Book of Clinical Studies

The ileum is the third portion of the small intestine that is actively involved in the functioning of the digestive system. It is important to keep this section healthy as it is responsible for the adsorption of enzyme molecules and the absorption of products of digestion. It has many tiny finger-like projections known as villi and microvilli (located in the intestinal wall folds), that gathers and traps nutrients.

If the villi is weak, the body is unable to absorb proper nutrition which in turn results in poor health, and the inability of the rest of the organs and immune system as a whole to function and defeat sickness.

REFERENCE: What is Ileum and why is it important?

A grant from Internal Grant Agency, Ministry of Health Czech Republic
Protective and imunomodulative influence of supplementing RNA, comparing of clinical testing and experimental model, 2001-2003


Epithelium of the digestive tract has a very important role not only in digesting and absorption of nutrition but also in the transfer of antigen and pathogen signals for intestines lymphatic tissue. Different stages and forms of malnutrition are considered as the most frequent cause of dysfunction of the Immune system.

Current Scientific research on dietary nucleotides comes to the conclusion, that oligo and poly-nucleotides, which are present in the food (nutrition) present the most important parts of nutrition due to their importance for all kinds of the metabolic and energetic process in the human organism. Nucleotides are the base for the synthesis of nucleic acids at the regeneration of tissue.

Exogen nucleotides are necessary building stones for some cellular systems, which are unable to use endogen sources, for example, cells of red bloodline, white bloodline, central nervous system and partially cellular substrate of liver tissue.

Most of the up to date medical publications, show the positive influence of dietary nucleotides on growth and maturing of intestines epithelium. We have previously published the results of testing on an animal model, with the application of extracts of animal origin, with substantial impact on the increase of immune response.


In this study were 3 months old female mice group: Balb/c, fed by:
1. Standard diet
2. Diet enriched by Imuregen supplement
3. Standard diet and water enriched by Imuregen supplement for the time of four weeks. In all cases was used product Imuregen.

Supplement dose of 100mg per 1kg of food. Or 100mg per 1L of water contained Imuregen, a product of company: Uniregen, s.r.o., Nachod Czech Republic.

Samples of terminal Ilea from all three groups were taken for histology test/examination and for observation in a raster electronic microscope. The tissue for histology testing was fixed, coated in paraffin, dyed with hematoxylin-eosin and by method on proving acid mucopolysaccharides by Hale-Muller and studied in the electronic microscope.

imuregen clinical studies conclusion test


Differences in measured values of the heights of villi in the control group and both experimental groups were evaluated by Snedecorov F-test. To evaluate the value of zero hypotheses about the difference of averaging mean measured values, the Student t-test was used.

The differences in averaging mean values of the height of villi were considered to be statistically significant if the value of testing characteristic was bigger than the relevant kvantil of Student’s discrimination to 5% level significance ( p < 0.05).

In this experiment was found statistically significant growth of the mean length of villi of terminal ilea of mice group Blab/c after four weeks of serving of the mix of oligopolynukleotides in dietetic product IMUREGEN, in comparison with the control group.

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