Clinical Report on IMUREGEN application on cancer patients in Olomouc

Report on the application of product IMUREGEN on cancer patients from 1895 to 1922

• Faculty Hospital, Clinic of Neurology of Medical Faculty
• Clinic FNaLF Olomouc – Academy of medical sciences – Novosibirsk
• Clinic of Neurology of Medical Faculty – Palackého University in Olomouc

SOURCE: Book of Clinical Studies

In the span of the years 1955 – 1989 in the Clinic of Neurology of Faculty hospital in Olomouc, many patients were treated for malignant cancerous growth, most often already metastasized. Neurological therapy was in all cases symptomatic. The basic sickness with malignant tumors (and metastasis) was treated in all patients with the basics of oncologic therapy by actinotherapy, cytostatic chemotherapy. In a patient E.R.(case # 5 in this report) radioiodine 131 I was applicated, later when metastasis was defined, radiation treatment was stopped and the patient treated further only by analgesics.

In all observed patients besides the basic oncology, therapy was also used to support treatment with product IMUREGEN. We have observed very interesting results with the usage of IMUREGEN. The first patient (A.K.) with histology diagnosis of the stomach (penetration of tumor into colon transversum, many metastases in omentum) is surviving practically 34 years after palliative surgery. Another patient (E.R.) with metastasis of thyroid is living more than 30 months just with minimal alginic problems.

Actual example of test and recovery

Case #1 Patient A.K., born. 13.1.1895.

In May 1955 proven big tumor of the stomach.With the penetration of stomach wall from angulus till pylorus. At the surgery (prof.Dr.Rapant, DrSc.) 25.5.1955 was found tumor penetrating to mesocolon transversum, further many metastases to the omentum, Done palliative resection. After operation healing complicated by an abscess in the wound. Histology of results: retothelsarcoma ventriculi.

Aktinotherapy of the body cavity (4p. a 1250 r), during actinotherapy decrease of leukocytes. In July 1955 started with product IMUREGEN, 2x 0,50 mg weekly. Rtg control of stomach: 9.9.1956 (MUDr.Kameníček): State after resection showing smooth relief, walls are smooth, gastrolith regular, no pain, free passage. No sighs of recidivism.


In this patient was found a big tumor of the stomach. Infiltrating from angulus till pylorus. After the surgery was used IMUREGEN. Rtg control of the stomach and lungs did not show any further recidivism of cancer disease. With 34 years from palliative surgery, a patient who is now 94 years old was healed.

Case #2 Patient H.S., Born. 15.3.1933.

From1953 swollen local lymph nodes on the neck. Patient hospitalized Faculty Hospital in Olomouc, were repeatedly treated with actinotherapy. When in July 1955 one lymph node started to grow rapidly, the puncture was performed and histology did. Suspected malignant tumor. The whole lymph node was a malignant tumor in the homolateral lob of the thyroid gland.

Surgery is done 9.8.1955 (doc.MUDr. Jan Burian) There was done total removal of right lob and isthmus and complete histology done Histology test: Thyroid gland with large metastatic infiltration.

After healing the wound, the patient went for radiation therapy in the Oncology department in Brno. 2 months after surgery started supportive therapy with IMURGEN: 2x 0,50 mg daily. The patient got pregnant during therapy. She refused interruption. The pregnancy went without complications.

She gave birth to a healthy baby. Her health conditions were gradually getting better. Today she is retired and without any problems.

At 22 years old patient was done removal of right lob and isthmus of the thyroid gland (malignant tumor). Metastases proved also in two local lymph nodes. The patient treated for 3 years in the institute of oncology.

As a support treatment was used IMURGEN. The patient’s health conditions were rapidly improving. So later she was removed from permanent disability support. 34 years after the surgery and support treatment with IMURGEN, the patient is healthy and retired. She is considered fully recovered.

Case #3 Patient S.H., born. 2.5.1925.

In February probatory excise of bleeding mole on right side of the chest. Histology proved melanoblasts. 1.4.1980 re-excise, proved malignant melanoma. Applicated 5 cures of DTIC,
Vincristine. Further treatment abolished for allergy to therapy.

In May 1980 started support therapy with product IMUREGEN (6 months daily 0,50 mg, later till now 2x 0,50 mg a week.). The patient is feeling well. All clinical controls are negative. The patient is a famous music composer. After overcoming initial depression he regained full physical and mental abilities, and as a musical composer has written his best – lifetime musical piece for which he got awarded special awards from the Ministry of Culture.

55 years old patient with malignant melanoblasts in the chest area and proven metastases in axilar nod absolved 5 cures of cytostatic and chemotherapy treatment. Immediately after surgery started supportive treatment with product IMURGEN. Almost 9 years after operational follow up is showing a very good physical and mental state. The patient is on the top of his artistic creative ability.

Case #4 Patient A.P., born. 14.4.1948.

Problems started at the beginning of August 1986. In just one week, she felt the stiffness of the right breast and “inner temperature”, breast grew larger, the red color of the skin of the breast and swelling of the right arm. On the day 5.8. was done mammography, which shown significant side differences in breast size. Didn’t show the object itself (tumor). The patient hospitalized in the oncology clinic.

The objective exam has shown that the right breast is bigger, and in the upper quadrant was found a tumor of size 12 x 7 cm. Movable against lower part and with signs of the boundary. Found also 2 hard movable
nods of diameter l, 5 and 2 cm. At puncture found conglomerates of malignant cells.

carcinoma of right breast, inflammation form, T 3 A 1bMO II. Started massive actinotherapy and chemotherapy (sec.Cooper), totally applicated 17 series of chemotherapy CMP. Together with chemotherapy was the applicated product IMUREGEN 0,50 mg daily. The patient is handling massive chemotherapy unusually well, objects in the right breast and axilla are disappearing. After more than 2 ½ years of follow-up, the patient is showing practically normal clinical findings hematologically and immunologically.

At 38 years old patient was proved (after very short analysis) carcinoma of right breast inflammation form. Also at least 2 nods in close axilla. Started massive actinotherapy and chemotherapy with the use of supportive therapy of IMURGEN. The patient is handling massive chemotherapy unusually well. After 2 years and 9 months since surgery is clinical, hematological and immunological finding absolutely normal.

Case # 5 Patient E.R. born. 13.1.1922.

13.9.1983 found nodous struma, histology test of puncture of the thyroid gland and nodes shown strong suspicion of a malignant tumor. That’s why on 4.11.1983 was done a total hysterectomy.

Therapy: Liothyronin, KC1, Pyridoxin.

During illness found a spread of metastasis. Applicated radioiodine 131. 21.11.1986 proved metastasis in the neck. Also proved osteological changes of expansive character in the left humerus. In the short span of time also was found metastasis in the lower part of the spine and left femur.

Another application of radioiodine was suspended. And used only palliative therapy. (Mainly analgesics). Therapy of IMUREGEN was started 1.December 1986 in doses 0,50 mg every second day.
These doses used today. After the use of IMUREGEN the pain rapidly subsiding, the physical and mental condition of the patient is improving. The patient gained in body weight, improved appetite. Almost the cachectical patient is obviously getting better.

Repeated regular clinical, rengenologic, hormonal and biochemical tests show that malignant process has stopped. The patient is now home for two and a half years in good shape and needs only
common ambulatory care. She almost doesn’t use analgesics.

At 63 years old patient was found malignant tumors of the thyroid gland with metastases. After 3 years of the proven spread of the tumor to lungs and bones, which brings terrible pain. The use of radioiodine was suspended. After finding the spread of cancer was started with the therapy of IMUREGEN. Very soon (in about two weeks) is pain subsiding and the general physical and mental state of the patient is improving.

Regular clinical, rengenologic, hormonal and biochemical test show that malignant process has stopped. The patient is able to exist at home and normal ambulatory care is all that is needed she is 67 years old.

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