3 Supplements Bad for Heart Medication?

3 Types of food vitamin supplements that those with heart problem might want to avoid

Amino acid supplement like L-arginine

People taking heart medications such as blood thinners should ask the doctor before taking any amino acid supplement. L-arginine is a popular supplement because it helps blood circulation, may lower blood pressure, and even promote libido.

However, taking a large amount of this protein doesn’t work well with blood thinners. There is a risk of bleeding because L-arginine relaxes the blood vessels. As pressure builds up, the blood vessels becomes somewhat vulnerable.

There’s also a side effect if you are taking ACE inhibitors that may cause potassium levels to spike. As well as decrease insulin sensitivity.

The best amino acid supplement.

Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast rice food supplement is popular because it has MK (monacolin K), which may help lower cholesterol naturally. However, if you are taking Statin drugs, too much of MK may cause muscle pain and even muscle breakdown that can damage other body systems.

Red yeast rice supplement may lower serum cholesterol levels, but if improperly fermented, may cause side effects. Very Well Health said, Lovastatin found in some red yeast rice products may trigger severe muscle pain, kidney, and liver damage. 

Herbal supplements bad for kidney problems.

Garlic supplements

Garlic supplement capsules for decades have been associated with a healthy heart and cholesterol maintenance. However, it may not be worth the risk if the effect is minimal because it may have contraindications with blood thinners.

If you take blood thinners, cholesterol-lowering, and blood pressure drugs, it would be better to eat garlic, not take it as a processed supplement.

Facts about food supplement for the heart.

Source: Harvard Health Publishing

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