Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Death & side Effects

Updated Data on COVID-19 vaccine side effects; 1,524 deaths as of March 5, 2021

A study at UCLA and Stanford University found the chances of contracting or dying from Coronavirus are much lower than previously thought. But that data seems underestimated as reported, and unreported vaccine side effects and death become evident.

The latest statistics on the mortality rate and side effects of certain brands of Coronavirus vaccine have risen. To date, 94.6 percent recovered from COVID-19. Diabetics and even prediabetics can be at risk.

Pre-existing conditions, obesity, elderly remain at risk

  • 95 Percent of Americans killed by COVID-19 were 50 or older. [AARP]
  • CDC: The majority of people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing conditions. [ABC17]
  • COVID-19 is more deadly in people with obesity—even young people. [ScienceMag]

VAERS latest statistics

The Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following the COVID-19 vaccinations shows 31,079 cases and 1,524 deaths as of March 5, 2021.

31,079 cases and 1,524 deaths as of March 5, 2021.

Data as of 3/3/2021

Event OutcomeCountPercent
Permanent Disability6302.03%
Office Visit4,74715.27%
Emergency Room250.08%
Emergency Doctor/Room5,78118.6%
Hospitalized, Prolonged70.02%
Birth Defect420.14%
Not Serious11,06135.59%
TOTAL† 39,771† 127.97%
† Because some cases have multiple vaccinations and symptoms, a single case can account for multiple entries in this table. This is the reason why the Total Count is greater than 25212 (the number of cases found) and the Total Percentage is great. Data from the National Vaccine Information Center.

Is the Anti-vax campaign growing?

Dr. Simon Gold was fired from her job for her position, basically being an “anti-vax,” to which mainstream media said she misled people. However, current data last January 29, 2021, showed 501 reported deaths. However, mortality rates have been increasing at a slow pace. [VAERS]

Although the COVID-19 vaccines  Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna were developed in warp speed, “This isn’t new technology,” which was developed through years, said Dr. Drew Weissman, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

The question of whether wearing a mask is effective remains controversial.

Vaccine side-effects as it rolls out in 2021

  • March 1: 3 Dozen cases of spontaneous miscarriages and stillbirths occurring after COVID-19 vaccination.
  • March 26: Reported 4.42% death from the vaccine and 50,861 cases where the Vaccine is COVID-19.
    April 7: UK Death Toll From Blood Clots After AstraZeneca Jab Rises to 19.
  • April 7: 246 Fully Vaccinated People in Michigan Test Positive for COVID-19; 3 Dead.

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Dr. James Thorp, an OB-GYN who specializes in maternal-fetal medicine, revealed fetal chromosomal abnormalities are a concern now and for the future, according to Liberty Counsel.

CDC assures vaccine is 100 percent safe

On March 12, 2021, the CDC assured Americans that the COVID-19 vaccines were safe and effective. Millions of people have received it under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history. CDC recommends getting vaccinated.

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