Compare Laminine vs 4-Life Transfer Factor

Which is better, Laminine or 4-Life Transfer Factor?

To confirm which is better is difficult. We would have to depend on white papers and testimonies available elsewhere. In comparing food supplements, these are the standard labeling you need to know.

Laminine Transfer Factor
Food Supplement Yes Yes
Food grade Not Yes
Organic Unknown but likely Unknown but likely
Demographics For everyone For everyone
Unique ingredients Fertilized avian egg extract (YTE for some) and Fibroblast Growth Factor Colostrum
Top claims Cell repair, antistress, antiaging Immune system, nutrition
Available testimonies Yes and exaggerated Yes but limited
Primary source Extract from a fertilized 9-days old egg Blood-derived transfer factors
Serving suggestions 2 – 4 capsules per day Three capsules per day
Generic Whitepapers Several Several
Whitepapers Physician’s Desk Reference N/A
Pricing Expensive by 30% compared to similar products. Cheaper by 20% compared to similar products.

Bottomline analysis

Nutrition-wise, both products are good sources of amino acids. Since both are protein-based, our body needs them, sick or not. However, assuming it works effectively for antiaging (for Laminine) or the immune system (4 Life) cannot be determined as insufficient documents support either claim.

Most clinical studies cited are generic or pertain specifically to a small number of participants, which could not be verified. Although Laminine has a nod from Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), its edge would be cell repair and its effects on reducing stress and sugar.

On the other hand, Transfer Factor’s advantage would be for those devoid of nutrition. However, an expensive alternative, colostrum, is an effective way to feed the body. But if the person cannot even chew food, this is recommended. These nutritional supplements help the body recover naturally without using drugs.

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