Velaqua Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier Filter

ionized water purified

What does Velaqua Filtration do?

VELA’s Revolutionary Countertop Alkaline Water Filtration System simulates the geology of these wondrous springs and aquifers. It has created a system that purifies, alkalizes and energizes your water using only materials and force from nature. No chemicals. No electricity.


Our ceramic filter rated at 0.2–0.9 microns provides the first line of defense as it traps contaminants, keeping bacteria and spores from entering the system.


Our ion-infused ceramic disc breaks down tap water molecules, while also adding rare-earth minerals such as Touramine, Zeolite and Far-Infrared known to increase the body’s energy levels and yield a variety of health benefits.


The proprietary natural minerals found in the bottom chamber increase the pH of the water passed through it, while also increasing the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in the water, creating a powerful antioxidant effect.


Before reaching the Velaqua storage tank, water passes through an organic coconut fiber carbon that we infuse with colloidal silver for final purification. Carbon is used worldwide to purify water, and colloidal silver is known to be an effective antiseptic.

We looked to the Earth for inspiration when we developed our unique method of water filtration and enhancement.

Advantages of Velaqua over other water filters


Most alkaline water filters are powered by electricity. And most homes today still get their electricity from burning fossil fuels. This releases harmful chemicals into the air, harming our skin and lungs, and leading to the detrimental effects of climate change. Velaqua doesn’t want any part of this! The only energy we need is the natural force of gravity to power our filtration process.


The conventional alkalizing process uses electric power to break apart water molecules. But for every drop of healthy alkaline water created in this way, there is an equal volume of highly acidic waste water. This waste makes us ill if we drink it and can harm the environment. Every drop of water you pour into Velaqua comes out alkalized, purified and stored safely. No precious water wasted.


Pipes are known to contain copper, lead, PVC and other substances harmful to human bodies and harmful to the environment once in the water supply. Not to mention the impact plumbing work has on your kitchen and your lifestyle!

It was important for the company to create a water system that is completely harmless to our planet. VELA is inspired by mother nature, caring for mother nature!

How does it compare to Kangen Water?

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