Is Velaqua Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier any Good?

Velaqua Alkaline Ionizer Review

Velaqua is a countertop Alkaline water filtration system that uses geology (stones) and gravity to cause ordinary water to become alkaline. It does not use chemicals or electricity.

How it alkalizes tap water

Its bottom chamber has a proprietary natural mineral that increases the pH of the water. Velaqua also claims it can increase the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in the water, creating a powerful antioxidant effect.


Just like other gravity filtration system, Velaqua’s ceramic filter is rated at 0.2–0.9 microns. It traps contaminants well. The company claims its additional series of filters like the “ion-infused ceramic disc breaks” adds rare-earth minerals such as Touramine, Zeolite and Far-Infrared. These minerals are known to increase the body’s energy levels and yield a variety of health benefits, but only in theory.

velaqua review


Before reaching the Velaqua storage tank, water passes through an organic coconut carbon fiber that is infused with colloidal silver for final purification. Carbon is used worldwide to purify water, and colloidal silver is known to be an effective antiseptic.


However, because it uses natural stone filtration, it is susceptible to bacteria especially when exposed to the ray of the sun. You need to replace the stones regularly which can be pricey in the long run.

Although it uses no electricity, it looks bulky in your kitchen top because it requires a vat so you can stock on water. You can opt for the pitcher version, but we doubt if the effect will be the same, given the lesser volume of the stone required to reach a good Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) and pH level.

Product comparison

This product seems mediocre compared to other brands like Kangen, but it delivers the alkaline water you need using a simple technology. Compared to Nikken, it is much cheaper but comparing it pH RESTORE and other non-branded Alkaline Water Pitcher, Velaqua is more expensive. However, these other brands are not water ionizer, as Velaqua claims theirs is.

Bottomline: Does it work?

In theory, all these claims may be true, but the only way to test the alkalinity is by testing the water result. Using a generic PH water tester or liquid alkaline acid drops, we tested the alkalinity of Velaqua, and it did pass the test. Likewise, using an ionize tester, the water quality is passed the score.

The tap water from Velaqua measures at positive 272 ORP and changes it to negative 355 ORP. It’s actually impressive, but an underrated brand.

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