Sweet wormwood plant review and side effects

A daily diet of Sweet Wormwood in your salad keeps cancer cells away

Tossing Sweet Wormwood into your salad could be your best bet for a healthy diet to a cancer-free body. Sweet wormwood, scientifically named Artemisia annua, is also known as sweet annie, sweet sagewort, annual mugwort or annual wormwood. It is a plant native to Asia and is served in salads in China.

Benefits of wormwood plant

Sweet wormwood has been widely used in Chinese herbal medicine for at least 2,000 years because of its proven benefits. It’s nearly every Chinese home remedy for the following:

Excess gas

Other uses
With its strong, medicinal woody scent, it is also used in aromatherapy for its calming effect.  Besides its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it rates high in antioxidant properties.

How it works to kill cancer cells

On its own, artemisinin is fairly potent in destroying cancer cells. For every 100 cancer cells killed, only one healthy cell gets damaged. This is ten times better than most available treatments. When combined with iron (such as eating iron-rich food), the cancer is completely eradicated.

The compound is like a little bomb-carrying monkey riding on the back of a Trojan horse.

sweet wormwood saladThe chemical reaction between the two compounds releases highly poisonous free radicals that trigger apoptosis, where the bad cells self-destruct, explained Tomikazu Sasaki, University of Washington chemistry professor and senior author of the study.

As Henry Lai, UW bioengineering professor and co-author of the study, would put it, “The compound is like a little bomb-carrying monkey riding on the back of a Trojan horse.”

It is safe to say that eating wormwood salad combined with iron-rich food such as legumes, beans, and dried fruits is an enjoyable way to combat cancer.

Science says it works

Researchers from the University of Washington have proven it to be a safer and more effective alternative in treating cancer with minimal side effects. Moreover, it works well in inhibiting cancer cell growth.

Most chemotherapies have toxic, devastating effects – one healthy cell harmed for every 5 to 10 cancer cells killed. Many patients die, not from cancer itself, but from the chemotherapy treatment.

Eat wormwood salad if you’re in a malaria-infested area
Artemisinin, a derivative compound from the plant, has long been used as a powerful agent to counter malaria.

Artemisinin discovered to kill cancer cells
A 1995 study on human leukemia cells showed that artemisinin killed all the bad cells within 8 hours with no harm done on the healthy cells. In another study done in 2001, breast cancer cells were almost completely destroyed after 16 hours.
Another big plus – the compound is highly selective and specific in targeting unhealthy cells. Where most available cancer drugs target specific types of cancer, this compound works on a general property of cancer cells.

Nasty tasting food cancer cells hates

Best taken with Vitamin C

Vitamin C intake after breakfast and lunch aids in the proper absorption of iron, which makes the cancer cells more receptive to artemisinin. As previously mentioned, this leads to the self-destruction of cancer cells. Drinking green tea is also recommended.

Be warned that there are substances and other supplements that do not go well with artemisinin. Glutathione and Vitamin E supplements should be avoided; it was observed that these lessen the effectiveness of artemisinin. Grapefruit juice and antacids must likewise be avoided.

Contraindication and side effects

Not recommended for diabetic, cardio & hypertensive patients as well as pregnant women. Artemisinin on diabetic patients can cause hypoglycemia.
Not advisable for pregnant women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Cardio and hypertensive patients are at risk of arrhythmia and blood pressure abnormalities.

Noted side effects

Abdominal cramps
Darkening of the urine
Low-grade fever
Nausea, and Vomiting
Skin rashes

Artemisinin treatment

Cancer patients need to wait two weeks after radiation before taking the compound. Patients who smoke are advised to stop smoking for at least two months before starting on artemisinin. Otherwise, normal cells will also be targeted due to the carcinogen found in cigarette smoke.

The artemisinin treatment must be complemented with a healthy carcinogen-free diet and outdoor exercise for Vitamin D3 production to strengthen bones to lower the risk of osteoporosis. Cancer patients have been found to be low in calcium.

Above all, it is best to speak to a doctor/oncologist about artemisinin treatment and the right health regimen that will be tailor-fit for the patient.

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