Phoenix Acoustic Shockwave Review for Erection

Phoenix Acoustic Shockwave Review for Sexual Dysfunction

What the Phoenix claim

The Phoenix is a revolutionary home-use acoustic wave device that turns back the clock on sexual aging so you can feel 18 again in the bedroom.

It has been clinically proven to enhance sexual health without drugs, with no unpleasant side effects, and without downtime. It offers a safe and straightforward solution that can be easily used in the comfort of one’s home.

How It Works

It uses Li-ESWT (Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy). This non-invasive medical treatment uses low-intensity shockwaves to stimulate blood flow and promote tissue repair in certain parts of the body.

In sexual health, Li-ESWT is used to improve erectile function and treat conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED) by enhancing blood circulation in the penile region.

Doctors have been using it for decades to address specific sexual dysfunction. Its internal mechanical collisions produce “targeted sound waves.”

These sound waves have the same energy signature as the machines used in doctors’ offices, often used to break apart kidney stones.

Although there are food supplements that claim to benefit penile function by increasing libido, shockwave therapy, such as Cellnergy Red Light for the skin, has become a popular therapeutic device for wellness.

However, the waves generated by the Phoenix are much gentler, yet they still trigger a significant physiological response in the body.

Various uses of Li-ESWT can specialize certain parts of the body, including the penis and joints.

How to use it

  1. Users can effectively perform the treatment by running the device’s tip along five lines (penis shaft) at the speed indicated by the blue pacing lights.
  2. It guides users on where to place the tip and for how long. Each treatment takes only 17 minutes and is performed twice a week, following the 120-day treatment protocol designed by Dr. Thompson.
  3. The device features a patented guidance system that ensures the proper technique is applied every time, making treatments almost foolproof.

Is it safe and effective?

The results from using the Phoenix are not instantaneous, similar to working out in a gym; they require consistency and adherence to the recommended treatment plan. Men who follow the protocol achieve remarkable results in improving their sexual health.

The treatment with the Phoenix is not painful, although the power behind the device’s shock waves can be heard during the treatment. To prevent over-treatment, a 36-hour lockout is triggered automatically after each session.

The bottom line, the Phoenix is a groundbreaking device that brings the benefits of acoustic wave therapy to the comfort of one’s home. However, the actual clinical studies are not readily available in order to validate it.

Two of the most polarizing user comment we found on the internet in 2023:

“No miracle results yet, but there is an improvement”
“Doesn’t work; guys tried mine for 30 days and got absolutely zero results.”

CLAIM: “Phoenix: “The First-Ever Home-Use Acoustic Wave Device Clinically Proven To Improve Sexual Health Without Drugs, Nasty Side Effects, Or Downtime”

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