Lamiderm with Laminine Receives Monde’s “Nobel Prize”

Lamiderm Wins Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection 2020

LifePharm became the first epigenetic company in 2020 to receive the Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection— known as the “Nobel Prize for food” in Europe—for LAMIDERM APEX.

Only the USA was able to obtain a Monde Selection Award in the cosmetics category, which is dominated by Japanese products.

The patent for it was also approved in 2020, making LAMIDERM Skin Serum unique, unequaled, and unparalleled.

Global evaluation of cosmetic products

Monde Selection prides itself on being one of the only Quality Institute in the World to offer a global evaluation of Cosmetic Products.

A panel of independent experts analyzes product candidates based on rules that cover sensory, scientific, and legal aspects of importance to consumers.

The Juries of choosing LAMIDERM APEX as the world’s first “Epigenetic company”

The assessments of cosmetic products are carried out by a college of highly qualified independent experts such as university lecturers, chemical engineers, and cosmetic specialists of the ‘Institut Meurice.’

Through their professions, they are always abreast of scientific research and legislation developments with cosmetic products.

Other cosmetic brands in “Gold Quality Award” category

  • Japan: Ivy Cosmetics Red Power Serum, since 2018
  • Japan: Halena Organic Hot Cleansing Gel, since 2019
  • Japan: Manara Tsurulina Wash, since 2019.
  • Japan: Nocor After Body Treatment Cream, since 2018.
  • Japan: Yamanohada Doronko Clay Original 24 with KO, since 2018.
  • Japan: I’m Pinch, selected as “Grand Gold” and awardee since 2018, including the International High-Quality Trophy.

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