Does Lamiderm APEX have enough scientific evidence to say it works?

What is a youthful skin?

A young skin actively produces collagen, elastin, and LOX. This makes the skin firm yet elastic. Collagen, in particular, is an important protein that is produced by our cells to help “hold” the skin together, giving it firmness and elasticity.

If you’re still young, the skin stays plump and smooth because it constantly regenerates or repairs itself. However, as we age, the production of collagen slows down, and if the person is constantly exposed to the sun, the existing collagen gets damaged and results in early wrinkles and skin sagging.

To delay or repair sun-damaged wrinkles, the skin should have the following components:
1. It should have an abundant collagen, elastin, and fibronectin.
2. Must have LOX to elongate skin tissue fibers, making it supple.

how lamiderm works

What Lamiderm claims

Lamiderm APEX claims to have the necessary ingredients to achieve or regain youthful skin. These are LOX (Lysyl Oxidase), Growth factors (PDGF or Platelet-derived growth factor), and Growth factors (TGF1-ß). It also has a Radiance Complex that come from natural plant extracts.

WATCH: Lamiderm APEX Skin Serum actual testing

Core ingredients that make Lamiderm work

LAMIDERM APEX is a total skin care and instant facelift solution, it is not an ordinary beauty and skin care product but is based on natural science for maintaining healthy skin. It contains FibroBlast Growth Factor or FGF, a special protein known for its outstanding abilities to naturally produce youthful skin. Lamiderm promises to make your skin instantly firm! LAMIDERM contains three important elements:

1. LOX (Lysyl Oxidase)

This enzyme is plentiful in a youthful skin and helps to link small collagen fibers to longer, stronger fibers.

2. Growth factors: PDGF

PDGF or Platelet-derived growth factor is one of the numerous growth factors or proteins that regulate cell growth and division. In particular, it plays a significant role in blood vessel formation (angiogenesis), the growth of blood vessels from already-existing blood vessel tissue, affecting skin health. [2]

3. Growth factors: TGF1-ß

Transforming growth factor beta or TGF-β is a multifunctional cytokine belonging to the transforming growth factor superfamily. TGF-β plays an important role in growth and development. These two growth factors stimulate collagen, elastin and fibronectin fibers in human skin cells.

Other components: Radiance Complex

• Vitamin C and E Synergistic Antioxidant Blend
• Nourishing Moisturizing Blend
• Natural Delivery System using Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil

lamiderm moisturizer ingredient

University of Toronto Study

A study was conducted at the University of Toronto, with actual Human Skin Cell Cultures that resulted revitalizes skin’s texture. Fertilized Avian Egg Extract were applied, and the study shows the following:
A. Boosts the production of elastin and collagen by up to 250 percent
B. Boosts the production of fibronectin by up to 350 percent
C. Actively brightens and lightens skin
D. Repairs skin from UV damage

clinical study elastin collagen
clinical study elastin collagen

Bottomline: Ingredients supports a healthy skin

collagen elastin and fibronectin
Main structural protein that provides skin firmness.
Highly elastic protein, allows tissues to resume their shape after stretching or contracting.
Supports and repairs the skin matrix (such as collagen), and repairs cutaneous wounds.

While it is safe to say that Lamiderm APEX’s ingredients work based on Science, there are no clear clinical studies published yet to prove the claim. We will update this review, should new studies for Lamiderm APEX Skin Serum are published.

[1] NCBI on effects of FGF2
[2] Platelet derived growth factor

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  1. I bought a small bottle and after 3 days, I can’t get the serum out. I don’t know if the pump is broken or the content is really that few! Please help, its not a cheap product.

    • You only need a very small amount of Lamiderm, because it’s a serum. You should contact customer care of Lifepharm. They will replace it. Mine last about a month.


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