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The water is named Kangen and that actually has a meaning; Kangen is the Japanese word for “return to origin”. Like many Japanese words (symbols), it has a dual meaning: one is that water is returned to the way it was originally available when the planet was young and secondly that the body returns to the healthy way it used to be before suffering the toxic and debilitating stresses of aging.

What Kangen claims and what we are going to refute:

Weight Lost

As the research, all who drink alkaline water lost the average of 12 pounds in 2 months. Hydration allows you to have a better workout so you can burn more calories.


Alkaline water triple the antioxidant strength of the vitamin C. Combine alkaline water and vitamin C is effective to neutralize harmful free radicals.

Heart Health & Blood Pressure

Alkaline water has been shown produced heart pressure and lower cholesterol with mineral deficiency.

Hydration and detox

Alkaline water hydrate your body much better than natural water. Alkaline water provides with a daily cleanser. The kidney, ionized trapping draw out acidic toxins. The liver will increase the level of antioxidants will promote blood cleansing.

Balance Body Ph and Digestive Health

If your digestive system can maintain a 1ph level, it can prevent or eliminate metabolic syndromes such as obesity and high blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney stones. A recent research shows that alkaline water could fight the harmful acidosis by raising blood ph by 40-70% within a normal blood ph range. Alkaline water reduces symptoms of colitis, loose bowels, and constipation.

Liver Health

Alkaline water has been shown to reduce Oxidated stress in the body that affects the liver. It has also been shown to increase the critical level of antioxidants that protect the liver.

Bone Health

Research shows that clear link between alkaline water and bone health. When your body ph level becomes acidic, your body will be adjusted by stealing calcium from your bones.

Sports performance

You feel more hydrated with greater endurance, faster recovery, and more energy.

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