Imuregen Nucleotide Preventive Program for Children Review

Preventative programs: Nutrition compensation of preschool children

Summary and method

The number of children from preschool settings was divided into two groups. The first group was given Imuregen supplemented food, the second group was given food with placebo. The course of supplementation is shown in picture 1 below.

imuregen clinical studies for children

Supplementation was done during the scope of 3 months in the spring, and again in the fall.

During the study, samples of saliva were taken always before supplementation and after supplementation, in both springtime and the fall. The concentration of lysozyme, SIgA, and albumin in the saliva, was followed by a method of simple radial immunodiffusion. The secretion index was calculated from values SigA and albumin.

Sickness/sick-time of children was observed/followed during supplementation, from the view of the frequency of sickness and from the view of length/duration of sickness. The results were statistically evaluated with the use of Microsoft Excel and with the use of programs accessible in InStat 3. Two samples from individual children were evaluated with the use of the two-sided pair T-test.


When comparing the values of the supplemented and the control groups, it is obvious from the results, that the biggest changes that we have found were at the values of albumin. While in the supplemented group, the decrease of values of albumin (decreased inflammatory reaction) always occurred after the course of supplementing with Imuregen, in the control group value increase occurred in both testing seasons (spring and fall) (pic.2).

imuregen clinical study salivary albumin

Obr. 2: Values of salivary albumin at supplemented and control

Less pronounced are changes of values of lysozyme, wherein the controlled and in the supplemented, changes were more noticeably affected by seasonal and circadian rhythmicity (pic. 3). Only after spring supplementation there was noticed a more pronounced increase of values of lysozyme in the group of the supplement.

value of lysozyme at children

We have found similar findings in values SIgA, where significant change was detected in the supplemented group, only in the spring sample.

clinical studies imuregen supplemented

Values SIgA in control and supplemented children (log. averages)

As it is clear from graph 4, the findings from the secretion index (ratio albumin / SIgA) are statistically highly important, which is influenced mainly by a decrease of inflamative irritation in the group of the supplement.

clinical studies for children figure 5

Ratio SIgA / Albumin in supplemented and control ( log. averages)

The significant reduction of sickness in the followed group of supplemented children is a substantial benefit of supplementation with Imuregen. In the “influenced” group the sickness was decreased by 50% and statistically significantly shorten the number of sick days in supplemented children. We consider these findings as beneficial also from the point of view, that they verify the importance of rational supplementing and document our opinion, that recessive trend on a supplemental policy of children population is not a good solution. We realize this particularly in the context of joining the European Union, where supplementing mainly with milk products is a common norm.

Supplementation of school-age children

Roma (Gypsy) population (Report 5.1.)

Roma (Gypsies) originated in the Punjab region of northern India as a nomadic people and entered Europe between the eighth and tenth centuries C.E. They were called “Gypsies” because Europeans mistakenly believed they came from Egypt. This minority is made up of distinct groups called “tribes” or “nations.”

We have done a complex observation of children’s population of elementary schools in city Ústí nad Labem, as an entry study for project SZO-RHN. In the scope of this study were observed not only economic and social criteria but also health aspects. As a beginning, we have evaluated literature information, showing the predisposition for a number of illnesses, for example, increased prevalence of malfunction of the thyroid gland. We have adopted (started with) model of supplementation, in which we used humanized milk (addition of nucleotides-Imuregen) with daily addition of 150ug iodide potassium. (Prepared by company Nutricia Opočno.) A supplement was served for the duration of 2 months.

Summary and method

In the group of 120 Rom (Gypsy) children we took samples of saliva before and after nutrition intervention. From the complete number of 120 children, we have got pairs of saliva samples from 77 children, which is 64,2%. 33 children were given milk with a supplement, 34 children were given milk without supplement.

Children were given milk daily, an amount of 200 ml of milk. Obtained samples of saliva were evaluated/examined by the method of simple radial immunodiffusion, and values of SIgA, of albumin and lysozyme, were followed/examined. We have used again the ratio of SIgA and albumin to calculate the secretion index.

Results and discussion

In graph#1 (shown in the original report) are shown values of salivary albumin in supplemented and unsupplemented children before and after nutritional influence. It is obvious, that in supplemented children occurred a substantial decrease in values of albumin from mean value 117 mg/l saliva to value 79 mg/l saliva. While in unsupplemented were values insignificantly increased from value 95 mg/l saliva to 105 mg/l saliva.

Higher values in the control group show chronic inflaming irritation, which can also be related to the state of oral hygiene. Surprising are findings of single doubles/couples of albumin before and after supplementation, at the control group and at a supplemented group. While in the control group occurred in some cases increase and the decrease of values (graph 2.).

In graph#3 (shown in the original report) has a significant decrease in values of albumin in supplemented children, mainly in samples with an extremely high level of albumin.

This decrease is so significant, that in the values signaling inflammation (over 100 mg/l saliva) were found only 7 individuals from the original 14 of extremely increased findings, after supplementing with Imuregen.


Nutritional supplementation by milk enriched by nucleotides (Imuregen) and polypeptides substantially influenced the parameter of secretional immunity. The result is more evident/pronounced in the group of Rom (Gypsy) children mainly for the reason of covering necessary basic energetic needs. We have proved in context with the opinion of the other authors, the importance of eco immune nutritional interference in regulation and keeping/maintaining of homeostasis of immune mechanisms of the mucous membrane.

REFERENCE: Book of Clinical Study.

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