History of Imuregen

The 1950s

IMUREGEN is a unique dietary supplement developed more than sixty years ago. It was developed by leading Czech immunologists who wanted to create an all-natural and non-chemical product. It was poised to be a better alternative in providing maintenance cure for sicknesses such as cancer and tuberculosis, that was prevalent during this time.

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Originally named Juvenil, IMUREGEN was developed in 1932 in Czechoslovakia by Dr. D. Rakús, a pharmacist who partnered with another scientist to develop a natural supplement that can help boost the immune system. Dr. Rakús strongly believed that animal extracts and plant tissues can positively influence the immune system.

After World War 2, Czechoslovakia became a communist state with a planned economy that made it difficult to commercially compete with the growing pharmaceutical drug companies within struggling in Europe. The domination of the health pharmaceutical industry by the USA had already begun.

This was also the early beginnings of the cold war between Russia and the United States which had a silent effect on other European countries. The USA was devoted to coming up with better technology and medical breakthrough and when chemotherapy was introduced, the team was bent on discovering the best natural way to stop cancer through cell regeneration and support the immune system.

They hope to offer a better alternative if not to offset the negative side effects of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the growing popularity of chemo and other drugs made natural supplement primitive in the eyes of industrialized communities.

Dr. Rakus believed in a simple logic that we have to treat our body the natural way. This can only be accomplished when we use plants and protein enzymes from animal sources.

Imuregen Czechoslovakia 1946
Prague, Czechoslovakia 1946


In 1989, full democracy was restored in Czechoslovakia. The face of Europe was changing and so were trade and industry. This paved the way for reinventing how the product is marketed. When communism collapsed, trade and industry were now in the hand of democratic governance.

After the death of Dr. Rakús, Bedřich Doležel continued his quest and development of this ‘natural healer’, that would later be called IMUREGEN. With the help of ICT Prague and Unity Hronov, they started a highly specialized procedure that involved 90 days of preparation, in order to extract nucleotides and proteins from bovine tissue.

The product was a combination of essential amino acids, peptides, oligopeptides, organic salts, vitamins, minerals, and nucleotides. The result was promising which under natural bonds increases the energy potential of human cells and can lead the human immune system to harmonize and maximize the body’s defenses.

By 1993, the country formally separated into two independent countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With new economic freedom, UNIREGEN Ltd., a small family company, was registered in 1998 and reintroduced IMUREGEN that was originally patented in earlier in 1983. UNIREGEN was founded in 1995 with the intention of retailing, production and manufacture of food products, feeds, and distilling.

In 2003, IMUREGEN initiated the introduction of the product in the Philippines. In 2019, it was formally introduced in the USA and Malaysia through its master distributor, Forever Healthy Products (FHM), based int he Philippines.

leon katz
MLM Leader Olan Ignacio with Team Althea together with Leon Katz in 2016

Forever Healthy Products Philippines

In 2014, an arrangement began between IMUREGEN Czech to distribute the product in the Philippines was in its infancy. It was negotiated by Forever Healthy Products (FHP), an affiliate of Forever Rich Philippines, master distributor of Laminine Food Supplements in the Philippines. IMUREGEN was introduced to Team Althea in the same year by upline leader, Mr. Olan Ignacio.

In 2014, Althea Group, distributor of Laminine Food Supplement was invited to sign-up and sell IMUREGEN products. Team Althea sold IMUREGEN online in 2016. Althea Distributor no longer carried or sold IMUREGEN products by September 2018 and focused on promoting its flagship product Laminine manufactured by LifePharm Global Network.

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