HELO Smart Wristband Watch Review by World Tech Distributor

HELO Smart Wristband Review

This new innovative product is distributed by Wor(l)d Global Distribution Network. The company claims it uses a technology, apparently from Toshiba.

Founded in 2011, World Tech Distribution claims it is a leading player in the drive towards a more economically stable, socially connected world. Its vision is to come up with innovative products and distribute it through direct selling model.

It claims to have a headquarters in Miami, USA with 15 offices throughout the world including Bangalore, Shenzhen, Moscow, Bangkok, Dubai, and the Philippines.

HELO stands for Health & Lifestyle Oracle (‘HELO’). It is basically a wristband watch-type that is intended for everyday wear for health and fitness monitoring purposes. World Tech claims it can do the following:

• Monitor the heart rate
• Count steps, calories burned and distance
• Sleep quality (movement)
• ECG/EKG (Electrocardiogram)
• Blood Pressure
• Mood Sensor
• Fatigue Sensor
• Remote monitoring of other people’s vital signs
• Provides emergency SOS GPS location for everyone in your family
• A Panic button, with GPS location coordinates
• Mood Analysis (emotions)
• Fatigue/Energy Analysis
• Stress Levels

Reason to believe

• Uses Germanium semiconductor stone plates
• With anti-oxidizing Himalayan Salt stone plates
• Toshiba’s ApP Lite Technology
This state of the art health wristband incorporates Toshiba’s ApP Lite™ (Application Processor Lite) advanced chipset technology from Toshiba Corporation’s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company (“Toshiba”).

helo wristband by world tech review

Important features

99% Pure Germanium Stone Plates

Germanium is commonly used as a semiconductor. It is used in integrated electronic circuitry and transistors. Some Germanium compounds are anti-bacterial. They are toxic to bacteria, but harmless to mammals. The HELO uses Germanium to facilitate the transfer of ionic charges. HELO’s wearable stone technology improves blood circulation by increasing the oxygen level in your blood.

HELO Germanium Plates are designed to increase the health benefits of the HELO wristband by adding a natural antioxidant. Germanium (GE) is a naturally occurring element appearing in spot 32 on the Periodic Table. Germanium also has the same active ingredients that can also be found in fungi, in plants such as ginseng, aloe or garlic.

The Far Infrared Rays (FIR) activate water molecules in the body’s cells, thus enhancing oxygen distribution in the blood stream. Improved oxygenated blood circulation helps the body to relax. Higher blood oxygenation promotes healing. This leads to a more restful and better quality of sleep.

Himalayan Salt Stone

Working on the same principle as a Himalayan salt lamp works, Pink Himalayan salt crystals neutralize and purify the body from positive ionic discharges released by electronic devices. This positive to negative ion displacement helps to create mood boosting effects to dispel depression and low energy.

HELO Himalayan Salt Plates are designed to increase the health benefits of the HELO wristband. Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. Our skin tries to absorb everything it comes in contact with, so why not try to have something good on it.

Panic Button

Using SMS technology, coupled with Google Maps downloaded to your Smartphone, the HELO will automatically notify your loved ones to let them know you need immediate assistance. Notification is by a phone call and by an SMS message. (SMS is the abbreviation for “Short Message Service”, also known as a text message).

GPS position
Via the Toshiba ApP Lite™ chipset technology, the exact GPS coordinates of your location are provided to your loved one via Blue Tooth technology from your HELO to your phone, and from your phone to the cell phone tower.

Once received by your loved one, he or she can then give the exact GPS coordinates to law enforcement, emergency medical teams (EMTs) or call a close neighbor to immediately come check on you or your loved one.

Other features
• Hypo-Allergenic Silicone Wristband
• Removable Titanium plates are integrally positioned into the HELO’s patented hypo-allergenic silicon band. The patented clip-on plate system contains slots for its natural mineral stone plates. Simply place your stone plates in whichever slot is the most comfortable for you.

Recommended for

• Senior or aging parents
• Child Health
• Mentally Challenged
Monitor a loved one who is mentally challenged with Alzheimer’s, dementia, a child with Down’s Syndrome, or others with cognitive mental health challenges. You will be able to view not only their vital signs, but via BlueTooth technology, the HELO also provides you with your loved one’s GPS coordinate location, should they become confused, lost, or unable to find their way home. All they need to do is push their Panic Button (twice). The smart band alerts whichever primary emergency contact(s) you specify via SMS and an e-mail with your exact GPS location.


HELO LX Box Set – USD 319.00
HELO LX Family Pack – USD 1,349.00
HELO LX Premium Pack – USD 1,999.00
BioZen Pack – (10s) USD 450.00
BioZen Pack – (30s) USD 1,350.00
* BioZen is the only sticker chip which protects your body from electrosmog.

Does it really work?

The company and its product is relatively a new player in this field. World Tech Distribution (such as those in Canada or Philippines) are not the direct manufacturer but uses an OEM product. They distribute the product through other individual sellers, by means of multi-level but direct marketing.

As of the writing of this article, there are not enough independent testimonies if HELO wristband really works. This technology is also available to other wrist gear, being lead by Samsung Gear, Garmin, and even luxury watches like Tag Heuer. However, the other claims of HELO wristband are unique to date.


We cannot say it works as of the moment because it is relatively new in the market. But it’s just a matter of time when Apple and Samsung gear watches come out with similar if not better wristwatch with medical features.

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HELO Wristband watch gear is relatively new in the market. Although it claims using an advanced technology, it is difficult to ascertain if it really works because the company itself is not the manufacturer, but uses OEM products. This type of technology is common and what makes HELO unique is their other claims. However, their claims are not warranted by enough testimonies (as of April 2017). For the aftersales, there are several users who said that the company does not have sufficient aftersales support.HELO Smart Wristband Watch Review by World Tech Distributor