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get your boom back
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Amino Boosters – Get Your Boom Back YTE Review

Amino Boosters clams to be pure Norwegian YTE® (Organic Young Tissue Extract) sold in the United States. It is a peptide supplement that is basically a rich form of protein from hen eggs.

The extract comes from fertilized, partially incubated hen eggs. Enclosed within the eggshell, this protein (building blocks) causes a rapid restructuring of the amino acids that enables it to develop within 21 days.

When ingested by humans, it helps maintain mental energy, cellular repair, and even hormone imbalance, the brand manufacturer claims.

Product Claims

  • Increased energy levels.
  • Reduced stress, better sleep, faster recovery.
  • Two capsules per day claim to provide full amino acid enzymes to enhance brain energy and acuity.
  • Does not contain toxic ingredients like artificial fillers, flow agents, shark cartilage, or “sawdust.”

Ingredients and Usage

The brand Amino Boosters is pure Norwegian YTE, although the company says it’s made in the USA. Get Your Boom Back is similar to how Laminine works, although the latter has a different set of ingredients.

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When taken as a food supplement, it boosts stem cells to work their way into “giving the boom” on brain cells, nerve, and muscle health.

side effects of aminoboosters
Years in the marketFounded in 2014.
Selling & DistributionAmino Boosters is sold directly with a commission for resellers.
Doctor RecommendationNone verified.
Awards or CitationNot available.
True to its claimsBased on NCBI published study, it may work.
AffordabilityRelatively expensive.
AvailabilityAvailable through Amazon.
Users and demographicsSelected countries, mostly USA
Pricing$97 per bottle of 120 capsules in Amazon
$77 direct sellers.
Money back guaranteeNot available.

Amino Boosters product review as of December 2020

Trust PilotNo Reviews
Better Business Bureau (BBB)No Complaints
Amazon Review6 Ratings with 4.7/5 Stars as of December 2020

Featured Testimony on their website

I was so happy to find this company to buy my supply of YTE, and they have been great to deal with. I take it because I have had a bad back for about 5 years. One happy customer here.”

Featured Review

HIGH 5.0 out of 5 stars: “This is a cheap alternative to Laminine. Although the color is different, perhaps the grade and quality are different, it does work. Angela is such a nice person who does some customer emails personally.” (Reviewed in the United States, December 12, 2020).

BOTTOMLINE: Does Amino Booster really work?

Current reviews are too few to say it works. If you want to take a risk and try the brand supplement, you check pricing and delivery → Get Your Boom Back.

Interview With Nils Mortensen of Med-eq (Now Immitec) on YTE.
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