DHEA Alone Won’t Improve Aging Brain, Study Show

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A new study suggests DHEA does nothing for healthy older adults’ brainpower and general well-being

DHEA affects other hormones in the body. For example, it can help increase bone density, decrease body fat, improve sexual function, and correct some hormonal problems.

However, studies have come to mixed conclusions. A recent study found no clear differences between the two “aging groups” taking DHEA supplements in tests of memory and other cognitive abilities, reported Reuters.

After 12 months, the researchers found no clear differences between the two groups’ cognitive abilities. In short, DHEA supplementation did not do much as earlier studies claim.

The point is, “Healthy older adults should not turn to DHEA to improve their cognitive function or overall well-being,” said lead researcher Dr. Donna Kritz-Silverstein.

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What remains true is that DHEA is one component in keeping the brain healthy developing brains. It is abundant but dissipates as we age.

The best way to use DHEA is to combine amino acid and Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF. Amino Booster Get Your Boom Back review claims it has ingredients that boost brainpower.

FGF stimulates DHEA and dopamine production and, with other components, helps delay the brain’s degenerative path as we age.

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