Choice Home Warranty is No. 1 in Complaints?

Three reasons why Choice Home Warranty is No. 1 in complaints, according to BBB consumer and newsroom reports

1. Choice Home Warranty review at BBB is a low 1.04 out of 5 in 2023

Towards the end of 2023, BBB Customer Review of Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is a low 1.04/5, with an average of 3,800 reviews and at least 11,367 complaints in the last three years.

As of 2023, Choice Home Warranty did not have their company accredited with the BBB. CHW has been in business for at least 14 years and is currently the No. 1. home insurance warranty.

Plenty of consumers have reached out to BBB with reports that CHW continued to take funds from their bank accounts or credit cards after requesting cancellation of services.

Consumers have also reported difficulties having the charges refunded. On February 18, 2022, BBB contacted Choice Home Warranty to address a possible pattern of complaints. (See BBB Alerts)

In 2022, CHW bought Home Warranty of America (HWA).

2. CHW has the most complaints on social media after American Home Shield

Choice Home Insurance have scathing reviews on Reddit, Quora, Facebook, and other social media outlet where customers have frustratingly filed their complaints.

Upset customers on Facebook: “Choice Warranty is a scam”

  • Choice Home Warranty is a Scam: 1,5K followers
  • Choice Home Warranty and other Home Warranty Scams: 2.5K followers
  • Customers of Choice Home Warranty with CHW Unresolved Problems: 2.9K members

Most people complain about Choice Home Warranty (CHW) because they do not honor replacements. For example, one customer claimed that the CHW attempted to repair their refrigerator twice.

However, when it was clear that it needed replacement, the company cited “known and unknown preexisting condition” liabilities. Therefore, the company cannot honor the replacement.

The customer had no legal advantage because the “fine print” says so.

However, some websites and blogs show that CHW appears to honor preexisting conditions, saying, “Best Home Warranty Companies for Pre-Existing Conditions,” which is misleading customers who don’t read the fine print.

It is important to note that all appliances will have “unknown conditions,” which is why the caveat does not make sense to a lot of disgruntled customers.

The issue of “known and unknown preexisting condition” is Choice Home Warranty’s disclaimer. However, independent reviews appear to claim they do honor these claims. These websites either made up these claims without proper research or it was a sponsored blog. All the screenshots above were in September 2023.

3. Choice Home Warranty complaints have been reported by news outlets

In 2019, the Arizona Attorney General (AG) pursued legal action against Choice Home Warranty following over 2,000 complaints in the past year. Customers cited lengthy AC repair delays and refusals to cover essential repairs.

The AG alleged that Choice Home Warranty, despite collecting substantial sums from consumers, excluded refrigerator and AC issues, such as replacements, from coverage.

They also claim that the promised 24/7 customer service was not delivered promptly.

Notably, this isn’t the first legal action against Choice Home Warranty, as they settled a deceptive business practices lawsuit in 2015 for nearly $800,000, according to news reports.

2021: Arizona News “Phoenix-area viewers upset”
2019: ABC 15 Arizona “Choice Home Warranty sued by Attorney General”
2019: CBS Chicago “Choice Home Warranty investigation”
2019: KSHB 41 “Doesn’t honor contract”
2019: Denver 7 “Choice Home Warranty Lawsuit “

The bottom line is that ALL home warranty insurance have unsatisfied customers. Unfortunately, Choice Home Warranty, as the No. 1 company with the most customers, appears to be at the top of the “most hated home warranty companies” as of 2023, according to BBB and social media reviews.

When selecting a home insurance, careful diligence is critical. We reached out to Choice Home Warranty for comments, and they have not replied to our inquiry.

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